Deadlands Reloaded: Weird West meets Mysterious East

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I created another battle map for our ongoing Deadlands Reloaded campaign: A city block from Chinatown in the Weird West's Portland. The group hasn't reached this part of the story yet, so no battle has taken place, but I hope it will next session.
Portland Chinatown Block

For this map I used an area movement setup instead of the traditional gridded layout. Adapted from the FATE rules, this is a user-suggested rule for Savage Worlds that I want to try out. You can download this version as a full-size A1 pdf by clicking the image above. If you prefer the traditional 1" square grid, click here.

This map uses symbols and textures from Dungeon Designer 3 and Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans. You can download the original CC3 file here (both add-ons are needed to properly view it).


  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    edited April 2013
    Fantastic! I'm so humbled every time I see one of your maps. One thing I always wonder about your maps — and maps by some of the other "master mapper" types on this forum — has little to do with the actual software. I'm curious to know how you come up with the layouts for these maps. Do you have source material? Did you research this stuff, or is your imagination just that vivid? Either way, I'm always impressed.

  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    I did no research for this, just went with what I think was plausible, doable and looked good - so it's probably not historically accurate at all. I guess from staring at maps and floorplans for the past 10 years, some things just work on automatic.
  • Agree with Dogtag - I really love the layout here. Normally (at least for me) we just kind of layout a large building of some shape and break it up internally into a number of rooms. I like how you defied the pattern with indoor and outdoor elements (i.e. the corridor and laundry).
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Funny you mentioned those, anomiecoalition (man, that'd be a mouthful if we were talking). I really dig the corridor and the laundry.

    Ralf, is that a platform that those stairs in the laundry lead to?

  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    You mean the stairs out in the laundry yard? There's supposed to be a wooden, rickety gallery looking over the yard, running along the northern and eastern walls. The wooden posts holding it up are on the map, if not very visible at this scale. The stairs lead up to that gallery.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Nice touch, that.
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    What a great map and a great use of the symbol to create the hanging laundry.
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    Very nice!
  • I'll add to the praise for this. Love, love, love the Laundry Yard! The overall feel of the map captures the setting perfectly. The puddles in the street are the perfect touch to the dirt roads. Wonderful!
  • 29 days later
  • Good work!

    A nice idea with the Chinatown district and the opium den is cool! ;)
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