The Bridge

I'm trying to build up a stock of interesting maps that I can just whip out if my players go "off the rails", so I can pretend I had things planned that way all along. I'm quite pleased with how this bridge turned out. It was pretty quick to make, too. The rope I think is still a bit weird, but I think it turned out ok.

The problem with drawing cool maps like this is now I WANT to put the players into a situation that uses this. A tense crossing of a bridge in stormy weather.. a desperate retreat from a superior foe.. Kinda defeats the purpose to plan something out like that, though..


  • I made a night time/stormy version too.
  • Usefull and well done!
  • Very pratical and nice to the eyes. You maybe can improve the elevation effect. Did you tryed bevel?
  • I love how you did the bridge and the overall feel of the map. Two suggestions (feel free to ignore). (1) Perhaps coloring in some shadow from the bridge on the river below and (2) Moving your grid sheet to just above your lower elevation sheets and creating a new sheet with a grid-hatching fill to cover your higher elevation areas. I did something like that here.
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    I hink it looks great maybe add some rocks and alligator below, make those darned players very scared.
    This is a useful just in case msp.
    How did you mske the rope? I need to do something similar.
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    Thanks folks, glad you like it

    @anomiecoalition: I think something like that would look pretty cool, but I'm not sure I want to put in the work to get the grid to line up properly with the border.

    @KenG: Good idea on the detail down below. I tend not to use actual creatures in my maps since I have miniatures for everything, and if it's just a static creature on the map it starts to look like it's not something the players need to interact with. But rocks and stuff, definitely. For the rope, it's just a yellowish line, with a tiny inner fade, a glow in a lighter yellow, and then a bezel effect.

    I made this as a proof of concept: Video map. I might actually use it like that, I'm not sure. If you get bored, skip ahead to 3:40ish-4:00, I believe.
  • Great map! Nice to see how you created the illusion of depth with shading of the cliff edges and blurring the water and ground under the bridge. Have pondered how that could be done, and I think you've done it well.
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