The Old Kingdom

Just finished this today, the Old Kingdom, founded from a dozen petting Kingdoms centuries ago by King Ademar the Great. I quite like how it turned out, all things considered. Though I may do a second run through it at a later date and add in some of the smaller towns.


  • Very nice map :)

    I have still 2 comments:
    - in the south especially, the rivers do not flow in the sea, I mean that there is still a coast line between the river and the sea
    - I'm not a huge fan of the straight borders, usually borders follow a physical border (forest, river, mountain...) and are very seldom straight and in the middle of nowhere. This simply because there is no wall to separate the 2 places.

    And one question, which font did you use for the names of the duchies? They look nice.
  • BwenGunBwenGun Traveler

    I shall have a look at the rivers, I suspect it may be part of a habit picked up when using different styles as there the sea and rivers stand out so you can clearly see where the river sticks out into the sea due to the rectangle of different coloured blue. In this case it isn't a problem so I shall get to editing.

    I concur with you on the straight borders in the main, the problem I find is that when drawn in CC3 in the dotted line style they have a tendency to blot together when curving. Which I've yet to find a sure fire way to prevent. Though when I do go fiddling with the rivers I think I will try to curve some of the more straight borders.

    And the font is East Anglia, I believe it came with Issue 72 of the annual.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Beautiful! Not only is the map cool, but I like the style you chose for it too. It works very well.

  • The map looks quite nice. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking. First, how do you do the forests like that? Second, where did you get those mountains?
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    Very nice!
  • BwenGunBwenGun Traveler
    Thanks for the kind words everyone! =D

    The forests were done using the forest fill from Annual 28, with the only change being a fractal polygon, which I believe is the default for that annual. Likewise the mountains are from Annual 28 as well.
  • Thanks! I'm still working out all the tools and I was looking for something like that.
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