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This is my latest map made in CC3, John Roberts style. Mostly from the old one but some symbols from the new one from this months annual. The map is made for a Swedish RPG called Fantasy!
I've done some colouring and labeling in Photoshop as well.
Ricko Hasche


  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
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    Wow! What a gorgeous map. I especially like the way you placed the mountains in front of the rivers and lakes to give the map depth. I also really like the irregular widths of the rivers. That gives them a very organic feel. Is Irillion a settlement in the northeast forest, or is that the name of the forest? It appears there is some kind of settlement in the middle of the woods but it is difficult to determine for sure on my monitor.

    I'm not sure about the map border, though. It seems like such a completely different style (which, of course, it is) and I'm still trying to decide if it works for me. But that's a minor quibble. You've created another beautiful map! Bravo!

  • Simply beautifull! One question. How you did the rivers with different widths?
  • Yeah - Love this map! Especially the mountain placement and the cliffs of Ankhar. Everything just blends together so nicely.
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. This map was a test for me to see if I could push the style a bit further by doing some colouring and drawing in Photoshop. And I'm very pleased with the result. The large forest by the name of Irillion is an elven forest, so the larger trees in the middle are supposed to symbol the elven city.
    The rivers are all done in Photoshop, so it was quite easy to make them in different widths, which make them look a bit more organic. I'll try to put up the original CC3 map later so you can see what is done in which program.
  • RalfRalf Administrator, ProFantasy 🖼️ 18 images Mapmaker
    Very nice!
  • MedioMedio Surveyor
    Awesome map, very well built. Just would you mind to post your CC3 map without Photoshop effects? I would like to feel the difference. Thanks!
  • ClerconClercon Betatester Traveler
    Here is the file as it came out of CC3. So you can see the difference.
  • MedioMedio Surveyor
    Ohh there are quite some differences! Thanks for posting them. I really need to learn to use Photshop effectively.
  • Great style and great talent combined! Wow!
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Wow very nice map.
  • Excellent work Clercon!
  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Great map.
    Like the way you did the rivers in photoshop.

    Not to sure about the border.
    Think a smaller one is better with this map.
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