The latest CC3+ update is 28 (version 3.98, released June 1st 2022). Download it from your Registration page.

Deadlands Reloaded: Hard Knocks Saloon: Second Floor

Here the second floor of the Hard Knocks Saloon and Brothel!

First thing first I want specify that the first floor of the Saloon Here will be modified and updated soon!
The center of the building is fix. A new stage under the piano for nightshow is in place. The bathroom is little bit bigger.
12 column were added to support the second floor(6 in and 6 out for the balcony). Shadow on the pole foot and the candellar was corrected and minor graphic bug was fix to.

And now the second floor.
A lot of DD3 fournitures are here! The color red predominate for a luxury style.
I found this great pool table (modified for the map), the clocks the candellar( candle from DD3) the safety chest (SCUAC) and the guns.
Chek this out!

Here you can download the full size map with hexagon grid!



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