Deadlands Reloaded: Hard Knocks Saloon: Second Floor

Here the second floor of the Hard Knocks Saloon and Brothel!

First thing first I want specify that the first floor of the Saloon Here will be modified and updated soon!
The center of the building is fix. A new stage under the piano for nightshow is in place. The bathroom is little bit bigger.
12 column were added to support the second floor(6 in and 6 out for the balcony). Shadow on the pole foot and the candellar was corrected and minor graphic bug was fix to.

And now the second floor.
A lot of DD3 fournitures are here! The color red predominate for a luxury style.
I found this great pool table (modified for the map), the clocks the candellar( candle from DD3) the safety chest (SCUAC) and the guns.
Chek this out!

Here you can download the full size map with hexagon grid!



  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Nice work, like the little details like the playing cards.

    Maybe you should mess around with the furniture a bit.
    Its all standing to straight for my taste.
    And even the chaits that are turned are turned at exact the same angle.
    Makes it feel a bit unnatural.
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    Yhea your right! Im gona work on this. Thanks for these tips!
  • No stains on the floor or furniture either.
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    Here first room with more stuff!

    Updated: correction on the bed and the clothes, +clothes bigger, +sombrero, +sand and spur on boots!

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    Second room here!

    I found this great girl (in many position) and I think she fit right with the DD3 style!

    What did you think about those new rooms?

  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Don't know where you got all the symbols but they look great.
    The girl fits right in. Where did you get "her" ?
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    I made these hats,the spur, the adams handcuff, the whip and the bowie knife, for the other...

    Check the first floor of the saloon and click on the link I give the answer !
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    Looks great, all matches up nicely
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    Thanks again, try to do my best!

    Here some minor change on the last room, I remove the handcuff, I want to keep this unique item for another map (sheriff office)
    I have moved the whip and put it in the Boss room, add a girl on the first room(In the final version you gona have the censured sign removed).
    And some minor graphic correction of both room to!

    Think those two room look good if you have any suggestion or correction to propose tell me!

    Now Im working on the little chamber that I trade for a private BlackJack salon and I have just found this nice derringer...



  • These are really cool. The only suggestion I have (which is really a matter of personal preference) is to tinker around with shadows a bit more. Differing shadow lengths on the object are a nice way to indicate their relative height.
  • Thanks and yes your right for the shadow Im gona work on this, some symbols does not have enough shadow!
  • 2 months later
  • Second floor done!

    You can download the full size new version map on the top of this post! ;)

    photo Sanstitre-1-40_zps09a70c97.png
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