Enhanced Parchment Style Attempt #2 - Ossa Area Map

Working more in my enhanced parchment style. The first try is here:

Created for a BareBones Fantasy RPG Campaign I am running, a close up of one of the city-states of Stavengaard Province.

One change was to use alpha blue around the darker shades for trees and mountain area. This allowed the bitmap to preserve the parchment texture unlike just blur as I used before. Thanks Tomb of Ultimate Mapper!

I used the black and white overland style from Annual 2 for the mountains and style sheet. Thought they would look better in a tighter close up. But one of the things I really liked about my first version was that it could be created by someone just with the base CC3 software and free symbols from the site.

I think I like the roads being a pale shade of the parchment bitmap but was the last change I made so not totally sold on it yet.

I like to create the map with the default black and white symbols since I like to have a printer-friendly copy too. I them edit each symbol by changing properties – select color white – then change that to the darker parchment bitmap. It is kind of tedious but less than an hour.

Here is a link for a larger version and the black & white


  • The general layout looks good to me, though I'd keeo some sort of shading in the printer-friendly version. As it is the mountains and forest appear a bit bland compared to the parchment version.

    The smaller rivers seem off, though. Are they supposed to go into the mountains from the forest or the other way around. I'm probably missing something, but unless the forest is on some sort of plateau the rivers would never go up into the the mountains. And if they go down from there that begs the question why they just terminate. You could have them drain into swampland and the one ending in the lake is okay, but that river part directly above it would never exist in real life. Apart from that it's a really nice map, though. You might want to cut back a bit on the use of Ö; it's a bit much for German-native speakers.
  • Henrie61Henrie61 Traveler
    Good map, especially like the way you did the mountains.
  • Thanks for the feedback, someone else pointed out the rivers being off too which now looking can agree.

    I really liked the idea of the river disappearing into the forest but the one fork going into nowhere does not work. Next map I think I will not let the river go as deep into the forest, that might help. Then on the other side of the forest put in a river exiting. I want to avoid having the river cut the forest into true sections on the map.

    For the fork that turned into open land, I was thinking that space would be a moor type hilly wetland.Maybe if I added some small forks branching off from there it would show this much better.

    The O is just the font style, called Holy Roman. Thinking of changing fonts for future versions.
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