Western Kingdom-First Semi-completed map

Hey everyone. Just wanted to get some community feedback about this map and see what everyone thinks. This is my first map that I haven't just trashed halfway through.

I would like some feedback about what could be changed or made better. This is going to be for a Pathfinder E8 variant campaign I will be running, and this will be the island where the PCs will start.

Thanks in advance for any feedback, and thanks for all the wonderful maps here that have inspired me to get into mapping.



  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer
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    I like your map, but your rivers are very unnatural.

    Real rivers do not generally split (Except for river deltas at the outlet). Normally, rivers form from multiple smaller rivers from higher ground that joins into one river that gets larger and larger as it continues on. The way you have drawn the rivers, it makes them look as they are all flowing towards the mountains instead of from them. In the same vein, lakes normally only have one outlet (but multiple inlets).

    Al this happens because water will always take the easiest path. And because rivers have a tendency of digging into the terrain (even into stone), even if at one point there was to much water to handle for one path, the river will soon enough have dug out one of the paths to be large enough to carry all the water, and the (temporary) second path will dry out again.

    Note of course that there may be resons for the rivers to be like this on your world, for example due to magic. But a world is generally much more believable if you save that argument for the parts that are really special, that you want to stand out.
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    That's a really nice looking map.

    I was going to make a similar post to Monson's. The only thing I'd add is that there is a helpful guide to realistic river placement available on the Profantasy site here: http://www.profantasy.com/rpgmaps/?p=2017

    Also there's loads and loads of good advice on river placement (and lots more) on the Cartographer's Guild forums. Just post your map on there and the "river police" will be drawn like moths to a flame!
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    I really like the map. I especially like the mountains and, in particular, Godshome. Looks terrific.

    Folks who know way more than I do have already chimed in about the rivers so I'll just say the map looks terrific! I presume the adventurers will eventually leave the island and move on to Aldarion?

  • Thanks for the advice on the rivers. At this point most of the map is open to change, so I have no problem rerouting my rivers.

    @Dogtag For the most part the adventures will focus on this island. The setting is low magic due to the E8 variant, due to the gods leaving 150 years prior to game start. They have not gone completely, just pulled back away from the world. The northern area of Kerrac is ruled by a undead king who is poisoning the land, and the PCs will be called in to try to help stop it. Later on the PCs will travel to Aldarion, and have a chance of learning why the gods left and maybe helping to bring them back.
  • Ok so I moved some of my rivers and deleted others. Let me know what you think now.
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    I really like the West side of the island a lot but the East side around the bay is really plainand the one river there seems to go on forever. But the elves side looks really good.
  • Thanks for the comment Ken. I am still working on the Northeastern part. It is a dead land sort of area, so I will be adding in some dead trees, and then changing the rivers up there to look more like dried riverbeds. with maybe a small dried up lake in the northern part of the bay area.
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    If you put the same level of detail you have in the east it will look. Amazing.
  • What you think about some islands? I love islands! Congratulations sir.
  • the change in the rivers is awesome that looks much better on the new version
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