Convincing the installer for CD3Bitmaps.exe that...

City Designer is installed on my PC which is the case.

OK kind peeps what's the trick to getting this installer to correctly install these nice free City bitmaps I down loaded from my registration/subscriptions page.

It is convinced I do not have CD 3 installed which is not the case.

Thanks in advance for you assistance here.



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    If you have window 7 or vista!

    Did you try to install CD3 just in C: not in program file or X86 ?

    And install and run it as admin!
  • Hi thanks for the reply.

    The machine in question is running Win XP 32 with a user with full Admin privileges. I know Win XP is so so but it is stable.
  • Ok

    Did you try to install the software directly on C: ?

    And chek your java update by the way !
  • does it need java to run ????
  • It sounds like CC3 has not created an entry for CD in the registry. Try starting up CC3 and starting a new CD3 map. You don't have to draw anything, just start it up then close. This creates a registry entry and your bitmaps should then install.

    I just did a format and reload of XP on my laptop and reloaded all of my Pro-Fantasy software. XP loads the PF software without a hitch as long as you remember to start up the program after each install step. I know this from experience. ;)
  • pool7pool7 Traveler
    Java is not required for CC or its add-ons; not sure if the installer uses it though, but I don't think so.
  • Cheers peeps for the help just created a CD map so I will try the installer again

  • Unfortunately this did not work
  • Do you have XP Service pack 3 ? It has some of the qualities, and downfalls, of Vista.

    Make sure CC3 is installed as administrator.
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
    Try running the original CD3 installer again, and do a "repair" install. This should set up anything that may be missing from the registry.
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