Deadlands Reloaded: The Lost Stagecoach

For a Deadland Reloaded adventure !

The city marshall is worried. The Wells & Fargo stagecoach should already have arrived several days ago! A few gold ingot was transported.

The principals goals are to find and bring the stagecoach and the gold to get the reward. Players can be hired as a henchman or deputy marshall. Any tracking skill will be very useful.

After a long ride the players see a cloud of vulture and finally recover the track of the stagecoach. At first sight the Sioux had committed the massacre.

But if the players succeed several perception rolls he noticed that many details do not match.

1- A whiskey bottle (the driver dropped while trying to escape) half empty is under the stagecoach! Sioux never forgets to drink alchool!

2- On the driver corpse you can see a huge hole on his back and only one out of three arrow are planted in the body! Sioux have better accuracy!

3- Near the body, wee can see heavy cowboys boot print and a 12 gauge shotgun cartridge! Native Americans do not prefer moccasins?

4- The driver still has his scalp! Perhaps he had too dirty hair...

5- Near the stagecoach the are several horseshoes print. This horse is heavily loaded and go south! Good Lord the Sioux dont use horseshoes and lived north!

The players we discovered that the Sioux are not responsible. But some brave "Young Blood' warriors were also attracted by vulture and prepares to attack...

P.S Sorry for the horse. I love animal but in the wild west there are coyotes and coyotes eat dead horses ! I'm just trying to be realistic based on the scenario.

If someone disagrees I will remove it immediately without arguing! Thank you!

You can download the Full Size Map Here but you you need to signed up on Deviant Art (free registration) because I rated the picture for mature content (Contains: violence/gore)




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