Contest - Get SS1v3, CA2010, CA2011 or ToUMv2 for free!

EDIT: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!! (see below, next to each prize).

This is your chance to get one of the following for free!

1x Symbol Set I - Fantasy Overland v3 (download only) - Winner: Legendary Teeth
1x The Cartographer's Annual Vol. 4 (download only) - Winner: TiresiasBC
1x The Cartographer's Annual Vol. 5 (download only) - Winner: Gathar
1x The Tome of Ultimate Mapping v2 (download only) (the link points to an archived version of the ToUM page, for v2) - Winner: Gold

Who can participate?
Every registered user of the ProFantasy Forum.
Feel free to invite anyone that is not a user and may be interested!!! :)

How to enter the contest?
Just leave a comment in this thread below, indicating which of the above add-ons you would like to get (only 1 entry/product per user please!)

How will winners be selected?
Using the List Randomizer at

Basic rules and terms:
-Entries will be accepted until Monday, March 4th 2013 at 23:59:59 UTC-00:00 (London, UK Time). Winners will be announced within 72 hours after the contest ends.
-You MUST agree to the ProFantasy EULA. Please read it and make sure you agree before you enter the contest.
-The winner will only receive the download version of the product; no media included.
-The winner will need an internet connection to register, download, install and activate the prize.
-The prize cannot be exchanged for another product, money or anything else.

Huge thanks to ProFantasy for allowing this contest! :)


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