Cerani Empire

This is a map I did of the Cerani Empire, from the books by Mazarkis Williams. I based it off of the map in the books and a couple of emails to the author, whom I am friends with.

Style is the Djekspek's Overland style.


  • Nice! I like the font - which one is it?

    I think the map could use some more details, like cities, roads, etc., but that might depend on how you want to use the map.

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    The map is very nice and like Nils above, the font jumped right out at me first. Nice choice. The one thing you might consider doing is placing some of the titles on curves. Like the Gulf of Cerana. Curving that piece of text would make it flow better. The same can be said of the Coastal Provence.
  • Nice stuff Jvstin! Although the terrain "borders" looks very strait and manmade now, maybe you can them more natural?

    I also really like the font!
  • I like the font ! Does it support umlaut? (ä,ï,ö)

    I would add more mountain symbols to make the mountain ranges look more natural.

    The transitions between the terrain types is also something you should work on, for example the green line between desert and mountain terrain. You could make these overlap so it will look like a more natural transition.
    You could change the drawing tool to "fractalise", this often helps making forests, deserts etc look more natural.
  • I've just finished reading the first book of the series (and very good it was, too) so great to see a map of it!
  • Thanks for your comments.

    The amount of details the author himself has (based on his handwritten map and the map in the book) isn't much, so I had little to go on. Much of the action focuses in Nooria and the desert areas around it.

    The font is "Arabian One Night Stand"


    The suggestion for putting stuff on curves is a good one, I need to do that more. Ditto for making better area transitions.
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