Kol Idos Sketch

I wanted to create a quick overland map to give to my players in our exploration themed campaign. I wanted them to have a sense of the geography of the world, but not fill in any cities or anything. I used the black and white overland style. It doesn't look like much but...


  • ...then I printed it out, put in on a baking sheet, covered it in tea (Earl Gray, hot), and baked it for a bit until the water evaporated.

    I definitely need to make a treasure map at some point. I even got a pirate treasure chest for Christmas...
  • Looks good ! Now you just need to make some of the edges look torn by carefully tearing them. Then crumple it to look like a lost map they found.
  • Definitely will do that for a treasure map. This one was actually supposed to be quickly drawn by the players, so I thought tearing or burning it would be a bit out of place.

    As for why they used sketchy old paper in the first place... shut up :)
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    Actually, microwaving gives a very nice effect for aging paper too! And much faster! Great for those times when you are doing some last minute prep and have to get it done fast. Nice effect, though! And a very nice minimalist map!
  • Thank you.

    Do you mean just sticking the paper in the microwave, or in with something like tea?
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