The Island of Vulcan [WIP]

Hello guys! New user here.
First of all, a happy new year to you all!
I've been experimenting with CC3 for a couple of months now, and this is my first serious attemt.
Vulcan is a volcanic island from my fantasy world Eterna.It's inhabited by a lava demon race known as the Baäldur.
I used the Herwin Wielink Overland style (it's not really a regional map.. but meh :/I liked the style and
needed the lava terrain). It's not done yet, but I threw some place names and roads on the map to see how it looked.

Any comments, concerns?


  • Hi Leviathus,

    welcome to the forum and a happy new year!

    I like this particular mapping style in any case, and I think you made a great map! (First "serious" attempt? Looks pretty advanced to me!) The lava gives the map a nice dark mood.

    I guess the two rivers that split before they reach the coast (south of main island and southern small island) should be reversed (multiple rivers joining into one large river before the coast), but that is the only comment I have.

  • Thanks for the comment Nils!

    Rivers are not one of my strong points I must say, so thanks for the heads up.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    Wonderful! I really like the layout of the mountain range! I'm also digging the names. Great feel to the map.

    Welcome to the forums!
  • edited January 2013
    Thank you for the welcome and comment Dogtag! Glad you like it.

    Alrighty, an update, I've fixed the rivers and added some towers and more name labels... so I think it's finished for now (and I don't want to make the map too crowded).
    I still want some dead trees in there somewhere, but I'll have to draw those myself xD

    Anyway, if you guys have some ideas or whatever, be my guest.
  • Nice Map. I love that style, from the compass rose to the mountains. Well done.
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    That looks great. This style does have some dead trees in it
  • Posted By: KenGThat looks great. This style does have some dead trees in it
    Really? I've looked but couldn't find any. Oh well, then I'll have to look even better then ;) thanks for the comments all!
  • First map eh, I am not buying it :-)

    But seriously, good map.
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