Ashtas (Herwin Wielink)

This is a redo of a map I did using the Fantasy Realms style ( The new additions to the Weilink style really make a difference in the tone of the map. Feedback welcome. Thx!


  • Really nice map - i do love this style.

    Can i ask what font you used as it really is unusual.
  • The fonts were Endor (Title and Regions) and Dark II. Both are free!
  • Its really cool. Love how you weaved together the mountains and scrub in the southeast. The only thing I would add is a nice map border (cause all nice maps should have a nice border), but also to hide the edge fade on some of your terrains.
  • Posted By: ModricThe fonts were Endor (Title and Regions) and Dark II. Both are free!
    Thanks for the info !
  • KenGKenG Traveler
    It looks great! I have one question what happens to the river in Sevous?
  • Another good looking map.
    And the same question as KenG, noticed the same. A river that just disappears. Maybe its gone underground?
  • Very nice map. The first thing that caught my eye was the great blends in terrain. Great work! How did you do your rivers?
  • Thanks everyone. I just caught the river by Sevous. I will need to tweak it. The terrains came out better than I thought. I've resisted using terrains with this style, but after laying around with it on this map, I think I've figured them out.
  • Great map some comments :

    The swamp around Swales looks wonderful ,
    Your rivers look 10x better than in your original map, you could improve them
    Between Pomsk and Velta there's no fading transition between grass and scrublands. (Change put either on a different sheet and it'll be fixed)
    The river that streams past Thural goes from mountain to mountain?

    And thanks for the lettertypes! I especially like the one you used for the cities.
  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
    edited December 2012
    This is really nice. I love that you've posted this map in different styles. Up until now, my favorite was the B&W-style map, but I think this may have edged that one out (it's too close to tell yet). I noticed you changed the name, too. Any particular reason? Just curious.

    The question about the river was asked before, too, by the way, in your Fantasy Realms-version post. Terraformer_Author posted an interesting discussion/defense of the rivers in that topic as well. It's a very interesting series of posts.

    I feel I should add my voice to the chorus of praise for how you depicted the terrain. It flows nicely and your choice and layout of the symbols works hand-in-hand with the terrain to make the map look very organic. Great job!

  • 10 months later
  • I love this map! What size did you use for the symbols? They fit perfectly.
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