Strange behaviour of leftmost Color Bar

I've got a strange problem with the Colour Bar to the left in CC3 (Well, left side on a default config anyway).
The top 11 colours are all black. And when I click of the, they all get selected at the same time (Evident by the small selection square around it). When I select any one of them, the bottom one (colour #0, also black) also get selected as well, and they all refer to colour #0.
Anyone know what I could do to get it to use the actual colours from the palette, and not just black. I've checked the palette itself, and there is no row of black colours there, so it is not a case of the palette containing the colour black 11 times in a row.

The other 47 colours between the bottom black one, and this row of 11 blacks at the top works precisely as intended, so the colour bar does work normally except for this abundance of black at the top.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or is it a limitation in CC3 that the colour bar can only display 48 colours?


  • I've just activated the colour bar, and I see the same thing.
    Even stranger, when I shift the color bar to the top or bottom, all the blacks are at the right side.
    So, it shows as one black, 48 other colours, then lots more blacks. 54 to be exact. Then a cyan, a yellow, and two more blacks.
    Very weird.

    If the color bar is at the right side, it is identical to the left; and if at the bottom, it shows the same icons as the top.

    I also noticed if I activate "Custom Icon Bar 3", all my icons on all toolbars vanish (loading an empty menu file?). They stay this way till I manually load another manu file.
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