Hex mapping project...

A bit of an in progress show and tell here as well as looking for some feedback. This first image gives a large overview of the work in progress...ignore the "peach" background as that is just a rough outline of the continent I sketched out to guide placing hexes. This is but a small snippet of the map, I'll share the full thing later. However my method has been to place the major geographical areas (mountains, dense forests, large grasslands, etc.) first and now I'm going back and filling in with other terrain.

What I'm struggling with is place the "blank" tiles that don't have icons in them. I don't want to use icons in every hex as I think it gets too busy.


  • Just a close up with the effects that I'm working on turned on.
    hex2.JPG 130.6K
  • This one shows the hex grid with 10 mile large hexes and 2.5 mile smaller hexes so I can drill down and put in more detail for "local" maps when needed.
    hex3.JPG 227.9K
  • And last but not least, a quick view of the entire continent...here I have all the symbols in the hexes hidden, they are in a different layer than the symbol color background. Just an FYI, this world is a bit different after a cataclysm centuries ago. The western pole faces the moon and is always cold and the eastern pole is always bathed in sunlight, only a small path of land along the equator (north to south) is habitable.

    Again, ignore the peach outline...but you can get an idea of the continent shape and where the main mountain ranges, forests, etc. are.
  • RalfRalf Surveyor Administrator, ProFantasy
    Very cool! We'll probably do another style for hex mapping in the 2013 Annual, I'm looking forward to that.
  • Nice map. Love the way you did the mountains.
  • DogtagDogtag Traveler Moderator
    edited December 2012
    Posted By: Henrie61Nice map. Love the way you did the mountains.

    Agreed, the mountains look amazing. This must be taking a long time. From what you've shown so far, though, I'd say it's worth however long you're putting into it. Nicely done. May I ask why the desire for hex-based map? Is this for a board game or for some other mechanics-based reason, or do you just like the aesthetic — which I admit is really nice.

  • Oh, this is very nice! Looking forward to seeing how this comes together as you keep working on it.
  • After decades of striving to create more and more "realistic" maps, I finally came to the realization that I truly prefer the aesthetics of a hex-based map (such as Darlene's Greyhawk).

    Looking good Skycast!
  • Ralf, cool...I look forward to another style.

    Thanks all, it is taking a bit of time, but so far it's worth it. As for why a hex map...a few answers to that. Besides loving the look and utility of it, I find I try to be too "fancy" and precise with other types of maps. I want it to be perfect and when it isn't, I will often scrap it.

    This is for a western/fantasy setting I'm working on. I like the fact that I can easily drill down and focus on and flesh out areas. I'm actually getting ready to do that in the smaller scale for the initial setting area. Should be fun...I'll certainly share more as this moves along.
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