Mahdran - a High Fantasy Continent

Hey all, I am reposting my massive continent. There are a lot of mixed and match different symbols and textures and I tried to blend them as best as I could. This map was made for my mmorpg I was designing a while back. Since there are some new faces since I last posted this I am hoping to get some feedback. Also, I need a link to this map at work is the real reason why I am posting again lol :) Enjoy this high fantasy map!


Also this is a 12mb image so it may take a while to load. Its rendered in high quality resolution so you can zoom in and take a closer look.


  • I think you uploaded the wrong image. This loads very fast and when zoomed in is all blurry. From afar, it looks awesome :)
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    Actually, it seemed that way for me too but I think it was the browser loading it piecemeal (the progress bar was still, uh, progressing). After a while, it loaded completely and zooming in is pretty clear an detailed.

    This thing looks like it took a LOT of work. Kudos on completing such a massive undertaking!

  • LOL, I must just be too impatient today or something.
  • Thanks guys. It's a 11k by 6.5k miles in CC3. Took 30 hours. And yeah it takes a min or two to load fully
  • Yeah waited for it and it is awesome up close too. Nice work.
  • I am actually considering of doing this map again in Herwin's annual as the standard template. Because of the vast majority of different environments there will still be some symbol and texture mixes as well. Good or bad idea?
  • I think it would look very cool.
  • Damn. that must have taken a while to do.
    Like it, can see a lot of opportunities for adventures in this map.

    Doing the same map in a different style is always worth the effort in my opinion.
    Its a good way to learn to work with CC3.
    And try to stick to one style at first, the HW style has plenty of symbols and textures, especially if you have the annuals as well.

    Oh, and a smaller pic would be appriciated.
    This one totally freezes up my ipad :-)
  • Henrie, thanks for the comments. If I reduce the file size the resolution when zoomed in is shot. It's a large file :). For doing this in HW annual would be difficult because I wanted to distinguish different "zones" aka environments. It's designed for an mmorpg. They're called zones. That was the style I would be going for. However, the only thing I would complain about HW's style is his trees. I don't care for his trees very much lol. In my opinion, the original CC3 has the best vegetation. That is why I wanted to mix and match different symbol sets and textures to show the different variation of zones but with a HW style themed per say. If that makes sense :)
  • It looks really really good right now but dang it if I wouldn't love to see what you could do with Herwin's style!!
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