The Duchy of Midland

[p]So the mapping of Léodmidder ( has slowed down a little bit, largely due to the fact that I and others are all neck deep in work and other commitments and that means we've been focusing largely on other things, principally thinking up all the different cultures and peoples to inhabit the various places. Once the names are final I plan to update the map with the new nation names.[/p]

[p]This weekend, however, I decided to try out the November Annual the result being thus:[/p]

[p]Midland3%20small.png[/p]'s Fief/Midland3.PNG
[p]Click the above link for a much larger version of the map[/p]

[p]This is the Duchy of Midland in the Outremer, newly created by King Alkadar I of New Truewater as a reward to Sir Justin Ciepmann, the longstanding Lord Marshall of the Outremer. Some basic primer, the Outremer (See here for a full map: and Outremer whole.png) was the coast of the San Gunu Empire, conquered by the Kingdom of New Truewater a little over a third of a century ago now after the Gunu contact with the newly founded Kingdom across the ocean went rather less well than expected (They demanded tribute, they got it in steel). Since then the region has undergone slow but gradual changes as the second and third sons of knights and lords in New Truewater have flocked to the region to stake out a claim for themselves without having to constantly be in their elder siblings shadows. This in spite of a bloody and vicious resistance from the native Gunu (funded by the empire) that lasted nearly fifteen years and left the foothills of the Copper Walls a largely deserted and bloody borderland. It is only recently that Lord Marshall Ciepmann and his soldiers have put the final nails in the coffin of the resistance, their leaders executed and tens of thousands of their numbers either executed or transported as serfs back to New Truewater.[p]

[p]Midland lays in the centre of the Outremer, and though it does not possess the vast tracks of incredibly fertile land that the Sunfields has, it does possess large amounts of farm and grass land, and west of the foothills of the Copper Walls it is difficult to go more than an hour on horseback without seeing villages and farms or the sight of stone keeps rising from small hills to dominate the local landscape. Most of the marked villages, halls and castles are those owned by the Barons, or in some cases Baronets, of the Duchy, men who have long been used to dealing with their own problems. How well they will like suddenly having a Duke put above them remains to be seen.[p]
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