My First Attempt - Nentir Vale in Pete Fenlon's Style

Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to CC3, and decided to give it a shot and share my first attempt at doing an overland map using the program.

Some 20 years ago, I both played and wrote a few books for Iron Crown Enterprises, four of which were for their Middle-earth Role Playing game. I was admittedly taken with the maps that Pete Fenlon did, and when I had a chance to write for them to actually see some of my own ideas done with his hand had me nerding out big-time.

Fast forward to the present, after having returned to my home town after a decade and a half, my old RPG group has come back together, and oddly enough we are playing 4th edition D&D and enjoying ourselves immensely. Working with the stock maps was fine, but I looked into CC3 as a way of enhancing the game. When I went to buy CC3 imagine my surprise to see the Annual 2008 containing symbols in Pete Fenlon's style. This was too good to pass up, and it would give me a way to cut my teeth on the program.

Anyway, here's how my first attempt has turned out. This is a smaller picture:

For a much larger version you can go here

Comments and feedback would very much be welcome as this is my first shot at this.

Ultimately I'd like to expand this map south and east to include other less-detailed areas beyond the Nentir Vale. I enjoyed Pete Fenlon's style back in the day, so it's fun to be able to try it this way. :)


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