Al-Qadim - Lycan Temple

I've been working on a map for the lite challenge over at the Cartographer's guild ( The challenge is to create a village map with a "secret". One of the PCs in my Al-Qadim game has contracted Lycanthropy and wishes to be rid of it. I've created a rather elaborate set of conditions to cure it, and one of them is that she must track down the original progenitor. The secret in this map is (1) Lycans secretly control the village and its temple and (2) that within the temple is a secret entrance to the Underdark...thinking about trying to pull my PCs down there pretty soon.

So...I've created a little 2 story temple to try to incorporate into my village map. I may just include the 1st floor, but here are both. CC always appreciated. BTW - the secrete entrance to the underdark is beneath the large statue in the north end of the temple. Oh yeah...and those little red things are supposed to be rows of candles (didn't come out as nice as i'd like). Also...the odd rectangles in the 2nd floor are supposed to be balcony's overlooking the 1st floor (also didn't come out quite as nice as i'd like).


  • Very Nice! I really like the flooring.

    The only thing I would change would be to put some kind of background around it instead of the plain white.
  • Great temple. Candles are cool! Even if they don't burn red, a orange/yellow color won't make them stand out like that.
    To suggest an open area to a lower level, the usual trick is to add a sheet with a transparency effect. Put white boxes matching the openings on that sheet and of course place that sheet between levels.
    If you add a background, which would make the map even nicer to look at but less printer friendly :), you can also place a matching shape on this *level mask sheet*.
  • Think you did a great job here.

    And the red candles look fine to me
  • Thanks for the comments. I will eventually get around to adding a background/scale/etc...I will also have to try that transparency trick (right now I was just using a blur effect).
  • Another fantastic map! I don't always have a chance to come to the forums every day, but lately it seems like every time I visit there are more maps even better than the ones before.

    I love how you used the two floor fills in different arrangements. Inspiring!

    My only critique is that I think the shadows on the candles are a bit too long. This is just picking nits though. It is really fine as is.
  • Thanks - I was trying to make the intricate design tile the actual floor and the plain tan tile sort of a slight elevated platform. I kind of did these maps on the rush, but I'll likely go back to them to modify the candles and stairs.
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