The troll cave

My children want to play some role playing game this weekend and they want to fight trolls. So what can a father do but quickly put a map together while preparing for the great adventure tomorrow.
The map is done in DD3 with some effects added in Photoshop.


  • Very nice =). I just cant like of the skull as indicating the north. But is is simply my personal taste.
  • excellent. what's the story behind the two sarcophagi?
  • Posted By: AKABigBlackexcellent. what's the story behind the two sarcophagi?
    AND the book =)
  • I love that you're introducing your children to gaming. We did the same, starting them at a very young age, and even though ours are now adults with lives of their own, they still come home on Saturday night to game with us.

    This is a great map for kids. Creepy without being too scarey. I remember my kids fighting their first trolls. I did a "Three Billy Goats Gruff" type of setting with the trolls hiding beneath a bridge and jumping out demanding payment to pass. Hehe. The young adventurers thought it was a blast, as I'm sure yours will have fun with this adventure. :)

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Well done.
    I am sure that your children (and you) will have fun.
  • ClerconClercon Betatester
    Thanks for all the nice words,
    Yes I hope the kids will like it :)
    The sarcophagi I mostly put there so I could expand the adventure a bit. But the story goes something that it is an old hidden burial site that the Trolls are using as home. They haven't been able to get in to the actual burial room. We see if my children succed :)
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