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I thought I would share my most recent map. Your input and suggestions are welcome. I'm always looking for ways to improve.



  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
    A very good-looking map, I like it.

    I would very much like to have the .fcw file for it, if you don't mind. I think I can use it in my campaign. If you are willing to share it, you can either upload the .fcw here, or send me an email. (My email address is visible in my profile here at the forum)
  • Nice work!
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Traveler Administrator, ProFantasy
    How did you make it?
  • Monsen, I don't have a problem sharing the .fcw except that pretty much all of the pngs are from various places around the net. I haven't yet figured out how to share a drawing without sharing my entire file structure. I have over 3 gigs of art sorted into about 60 different folders. Way too much to share easily.

    Simon, I'm not sure what you mean by how I made it. The best that I can say without writing pages is that I have many, many layers, each type of symbol and bitmap on it own layer (cliffs, water, water effects, towers, walls, crenelations, higher ground, lower ground, etc) and many layers have their own set of effects. If there is something in particular that you would like to know the technique for, I'd be glade to explain.

    Thanks for the compliments. Waiting for the critiques. :D
  • Simon RogersSimon Rogers Traveler Administrator, ProFantasy
    What is your source for the symbols you used? GM Syndicate?

    I'm impressed by this - good work. Not much to say except the cobble pattern on your path too large (this is probably a default setting) - just edit the fill style and lower the scale a little.
  • Posted By: Simon RogersWhat is your source for the symbols you used? GM Syndicate?
    Yes, that's where the majority of the art is from. Also RPG Mapshare, Blu's Cave, Greytale's Nook, and possibly a few others that I can't think of.

    You're right, the cobble is a bit large. I'll try a different scale. Thanks for the input.
  • Very nice map. It reminds me of some art i saw on the Dundjinni site from a mapper using that software. I can't remember the name.


    1- i'd show some stairs or ramps to access the parapet.
    2- I'd show trap doors on top of the towers.
    3- I'd work the lawn inside the interior court to show some use. I'm sure there are patches of dirt around the buildings and such. Some chariot tracks maybe to access side entrances, etc.

    Over all aver good looking map.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Awesome. Very nice indeed.

    How long time (roughly) did it take you to make such a map ?

    What sort of modules do you use?
  • Pat, thank you for the input. You are right, more details in and around the keep would add a lot. Especially when it comes time to think about the interior layout. And yes, it does resemble some of the Dundjinni maps since most of the art is from Dundjinni users. I've also picked up a few techniques from their forums. I look forward to this forum community growing in the same way as theirs.

    Olona, I would guess that this took me about four hours to complete. I worked on it over a few days, so I'm not certain. Definitely not more than five. (I've used CC for about ten years, so I've gotten moderately quick with mapping.) If by modules you mean pre-written adventures, I don't use them much. I have a home brewed world that has been running since 1981. Most of my adventures are my own. :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I can't wait to see others posting their creative efforts too.
  • Hey Shessar!

    By modules I meant City Designer, Dungeon Designer - what modules did you use for this type of map :-)

    I can see that I have a loong way to go... do you have any good tutorials(links?) or quick tips for us novices :)
  • By modules I meant City Designer, Dungeon Designer - what modules did you use for this type of map :-)
    Oh! Oops. Hehehe. I have CC3 and DD3 at the moment (Waiting with great expectation for CD3), but I often start with a blank template. I never know how big a map is going to be until I'm done with it, I always set up my own Sheets and Layers, and I like to pick my own list of bitmap fills. So starting with a blank slate is simpler for me.

    As for tips and tutorials, I'm sure I and others will post things over time. My biggest suggestion is to get an art program (Paint Shop, Photoshop, or Gimp which is free) and learn a few basic skills for it. This way you can scout out free web backgrounds and free texture sites and convert them to .pngs for fills. You'll also be able to change the colors of symbols and textures to suit your needs and create transition symbols from your textures so that you have softer edges between fill styles. It also lets you take digital photos and create symbols from them.

    Rule number 1: You can never have too many symbols. :D
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