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Hey guys, I've just brought CC3, and had a bit of a watch of the videos, and a play around.

The software was nowhere as awkward as i heard it was (though I admit, I do work with CAD software in my day to day work).
I thought I would post it here (a section of my homebrew campaign world for D&D if your interested), and ask a few things.

First is there any way of resizing the base map once you've started (expanding or croping the working area) without creating a whole new map?

Secondly, and far more generally, just also asking if there are any general tips, or improvements you guys can suggest looking at this one?

Thanks for your time.



  • Your map is good sir! If you want more "realism", I have one suggestion. Rivers dont divide, they come from higher altitudes and go to lower places, merging with others rivers in the process.

    Also I think the scale of the different symbols are not perfect, I would put the mountains bigger and put trees and settlements smaller, but this is just my taste.

    Be welcome to the CC wolrd =)
  • First of all welcome.
    Nice first map.

    Take a look at the tutorials how to do mountains.
    Or watch Joe sweeneys tutorials at Youtube. They were a big help to me when I started.

    And take a look at how rivers flow in real life.
    Like Mateus090985 said they normally don't divide.
  • MonsenMonsen Administrator 🖼️ 46 images Cartographer
    Posted By: ecrodorias
    First is there any way of resizing the base map once you've started (expanding or croping the working area) without creating a whole new map?
    Yes. Simply erase the entity at the MAP BORDER layer, and draw new ones at the desired position. The map is already infinitely large (Not quite true, but large enough that the actual size isn't an issue), the entities on the MAP BORDER layer simply serves as barriers for the drawing tools, to keep them inside an area of a defined size.
    There is often a white polygon on the SCREEN sheet as well, which you will need to remove. This is used to cover up anything that extends partialyl outside the map border, such as symbols.
  • I think the left river as it goes through the marsh, will divide up. But the right one does need the smaller part removed.
  • Thanks for the comments guys, stuff to take under advisement,

    I think JimP got the idea of the divide through the marsh land, but yeah I admit, didn't really think through the river on the left hand side, might see what i can do with that.

    And Monsen, thank you very much, anything that helps me crop and expand my maps is great. I think i put that river split on the right just because i was unsure how to crop the map that side and was unsure what to put there.

    I haven't yet run the game this map is going to be used for, but already it has some of my players excited, so fingers crossed this is just the start of where i can go with it.

    Thanks again to you all...
  • You could put a small lake feeding the small river on the right, up on a small group of hills.
  • nice use of the mixed forest symbol in Nustskov Woods. I can never get that symbol to look right.

    I agree that the mountains could be about .5 bigger or the trees could be .5 smaller.

    good to hear its being used in a game. I would be curious to hear highlights. good luck!
  • Thanks JimP I'll see about adding that.

    Soldyne, hopefully when i do finally run the game, i'm sure i'll post some highlights somewhere, if people want i will include a link sometime. (As i say is a homebrew, so not a typical D&D).

    Thanks again for you help people.
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