SS1A Fantasy style

This is an attempt at making a Fantasy style map "out of the box", using only the drawtools, bitmaps etc
provided. The unlabelled items in the landscape are there as possible hooks for a childrens's story, adventure
game or whatever. What do you think?


  • You made an excelent job. My only tip for improve would be to put some contous on the ocean. I also do not like the font that you chosed but the colours and effects on them are very appropriate.

  • Good map. Where is the Goblin Crag though :-)
  • Nice map!
    Though I would put a little less glow on the fonts.

  • This particular style looks as if it would go quite well with the symbol sets that I am working on for the community.
  • The SS1a is a bit ... meh compared with other Annuals but this map really shines and has a very smart use of the symbols and scales. Great work!
  • pdjpdj Traveler
    Many thanks to all for the kind words.

    I take the point about the glow, HadranVI, and have toned it down bit :)
  • Hi,

    I think it looks much better than before.
    I just saw two more things I would change. The waste or scrub beneath the sailing ship would look smoother with a slight edge fade, inner effect on it. If the effect doesn't work because the terrain is on the same sheet as the terrain around it, put it on a different sheet by using the "change properties" tool.
    It would also be nice if there was a river at the end of the left fjord (the one on the right side of Brightsea). The river is not necessary because a fjord doesn't have to be like a valley which was created by a river, but I still think it would look nice.
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  • DogtagDogtag Moderator, Betatester Traveler
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    Nice map! I'm lovin' the name, Spooky Wooton. :-D.

  • I've played around with this style some, but could never get it to look right.

    I agree with HadrianVI. An edge fade on the scrub to the south of the ship would look better. This is just a small quibble though. This is a beautiful map!
  • pdjpdj Traveler
    The "scrub" is meant to be mud-flats according to the symbol name :-/

    As symbols seem to be immune to edge fade, I tried mashing them up a bit with transparency and a muddy
    glow. Whatever else this did, it at least made them look muddier :)
  • I use Transparency a lot on my maps. The result on yours was great. As I already said, in my opinion, some work on the sea is the only thing needed to the map be perfect.
  • JimPJimP 🖼️ 280 images Cartographer
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    Yeah, a few darker areas in the sea to show depth. slightly darker would work.
  • pdjpdj Traveler
    Thanks for the input Mateus & JimP :)

    With regard to the blank blue ocean, that seems to part of the SS1A style. You may have noticed at the top of the thread that I was trying to create the map using the just the resources given - well,the SS1A style gives
    you exactly 2 land contours and 0 sea contours to play with. There is a water bitmap fill (water with clouds
    reflected in it) but it' looks really wierd by the ocean-full. So monochrome blue is what you get.

    I know it seems perverse to take this approach, but it's been a sort of exercise in self-discipline to do it
    this way. I had found myself constantly working around mapping difficulties by importing stuff, rather
    than actually learning techniques to address them. Now I'm trying a similar project in the CD3B style....

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment,

  • hi pdj,

    if your CC is immune to edge fade, you should try to de- and reinstall it. I had the same problem in the beginning. Then I reinstalled the program and the edge fade effect started to work :)
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