Al-Qadim ("The Treasure Pit")

Finished another map for another pre-made adventure in the Al-Qadim world (think I've gotten to know it pretty well at this point and am about ready to start making my own again.) Its from the "Cities of Bone" source book and the adventure basically revolves around the PCs stumbling upon the ruins of a fortress. Unbeknownst to them, their guide is a were-hyena who is in the business of luring unsuspecting adventurers into the dungeon so as to facilitate an easier kill.

Most of the objects can be found in either the CSUAC, CC3 symbol sets, or Dunjinni Forums. If you want to zoom-in on the map, you can drop by my little on-line collection of mapping stuff at... ...(cause dnd is more fun with booze....) As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed.


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