WiP Worldmap

I've started making a map using a slightly altered modern political annual style.

Some input would be nice.

I changed the borders from the original style.
I'm using different fonts too, to give it a fantasy setting.

Hope you like it

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  • I really like this. I do like "simple" world/regional maps. It allows the user to expand on details later and not feel bound to an idea they had but have since disregarded. Looking forward to seeing where you take the map next !
  • Nice shape and good choice of font.
  • Thanks for the comments

    Fonts used : throrian commonface and priory.

    The idea is to add forests and deserts , provinces and cities.
  • I really like this too! The shape is very believable, the regions are very clearly and eyepleasingly labeled. I dig it!
  • A terrain map of the same map

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  • These are great and really inspiring...I'd be curious to see how it would look with a little more definition on the rivers and mountains. (i.e. maybe just a subtle black glow)
  • Excellent idea. That makes it look nicer , thanks a lot man!
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  • I re-did this map but in the Fantasy Worlds style this time. I used the map border from last year october annual.

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  • I loved your map. I will exactly try the fantasy world style to do the terrain of my other project. Lets see if it goes well.
  • Ah very nice! Was planning to do a world map myself, now I'm really in the mood to make one. Good stuff Moskva.
  • Really nice map.
    My favorite are the Askalon Islands.
    Somehow they screan "adventure".
  • ClerconClercon Betatester
    Really nice! Great to see my old style still being used :)
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    @Clercon : This is simply a great style and since most style focus on a regional scale there aren't that many alternatives.

    @Mateus: Looking forward to that, keep in mind that you can change the mountain ranges using the reshape>mirror. That gives you lots of extra options.

    A political version including locations of important cities and places, the black/dark areas are cities states
  • I loved your political map. It is a shame that I cannot trace like that...
  • Posted By: Mateus090985I loved your political map. It is a shame that I cannot trace like that...
    You can try using a 2nd coastline (on a different layer) to split continents and then trace those shorter coastlines but I think that wouldn't help much on your map.
    I had to do it on on the eastern part of the northern continent to do all those small countries quickly.

    On the southern continent is just removed a lot of nodes to speed things up.
  • Fixed city symbols + roads and traderoutes

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  • Another update

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