The mad magicians tomb - June 2012 Annual style

I had some time yesterday to sit down and try out the new June annual style. This is the result after an evenings work. It really is a great style with some gorgeous graphics.
The map itself is mostly just a test and I decided to call it the Magicians tomb. When I was finished the map was a bit small compared to the size I had choosen in CC3 so I cut it down in Photoshop and added a bit of a darker border.
Hope you like it :)


  • Like it? Definitely!
  • Indeed, very nice. Just find the compass a little bit "flat"
  • The one thing i have found so far with this style is how important it feels to start from the top right and work down to the left. You almost have to think about your map before you start 'creating' it.
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    Top to bottom is important, but whether you start from the right or the left doesn't matter that much.
  • Interesting. So you couldn't start in the middle of one edge and go both up and down?
  • I dont think it would be easy. Because the symbols have a '3d effect' they dont overlap properly if you get them in the wrong order. Top to bottom is the way this works best.
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