Hex mapping

Just getting started, but thought I would share my in-progress work on a hex mapping style.


  • This is really a nice map. It seems to me that it would be extremely game friendly and very expandable.
  • Very nice, I like the soft look & the linen texture to it.
  • I like this a lot. What style(s) were you using to make it?
  • RalfRalf 🖼️ 16 images Mapmaker Administrator, ProFantasy
    Excellent! Perhaps the coastline s a little blurry? I'd expect land and see to be a bit more strongly delineated. Perhaps adding an actual blue coastline would work (relatively wide and also somewhat blurred to match the rest of style)?
  • I was wondering if anyone would ever post a map in this style, this looks good! I have two suggestions: The drop shadow effect from the land is, to me, a little,... destracting. The font you used for the Witchin Wood does stand out but you may want to think about changing it to the font used for your cities/towns. Great start!
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    Making some tweaks...more to come soon.
  • FarsightX3FarsightX3 Traveler
    That is really good! Hex mapping can be difficult. Is there the map where you use figurines to play on?
  • Made some tweaks....things are moving along, but likely not finished yet. Feedback and ideas still welcome...
  • I'm not very happy with the icons for structures...still going to have to do something about those. Might want to play around with the font for settlement names as well.
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