Cosmo 3 Gunboat

The inspiration for this was an attempt to draw an asymmetrical ship with Cosmo 3. I wanted to see if a transversely-mounted engine would look good and fit a narrative. I also think I’ve got a good system down for creating engine blast… Comments and criticisms always welcome.

The “Merilew”, as she’s called by her crew, is all Guns and Engine, every other consideration is secondary (including crew comfort). To balance the primary gun on the ship, engineers needed to off-set the main reactor.

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  • I really like the layout. My only quibble is your font choice. As a title I think it works fine but for the details it just strikes me as entirely too busy.

    Again, fantastic map though. I especially like the main cannon/fire control station.
  • I agree with nlp138's comments regarding the font. A more military/sci-fi font would probably be more appropriate. Still, an excellent map. I like the engine flare, as well.
  • I wanted to avoid using a TOS/TNG font, 'cause I feel it's over used alot. ...went with this font for it's Old West feel, I was trying to pull off a Firefly/Serenity thing. If you have any suggestions on fonts that would fit better I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks for the comments!
  • This site has a number of sci-fi fonts:

    I know what you mean about font over-usage. For my Starmada campaign map, I did end up going with a font that looks like one that is being used in SW:TOR, but that fit with the space opera theme we're going with. I really like the font that is used in the Traveller Sector example. It's very clean and legible, but not very 'space opera' :).
  • 8 years later
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