Show and Tell: Naturns City Map

Long time, no see.
Its been tough not being able time-wise to create maps, which I have enjoyed since I bought the first Campaign Cartographer about 18 years ago (wow, is it that long time ago?). I am still having a look here and then in the forums and on the list, and I subscribe to the annual, just to see and follow the great development CC has taken. Every month I picture myself creating a map with the new style and even if life is more busy than ever with kids and career, now was the time to create a new map, after over a year of absence from the .exe file.

The image is still a draft and I threw in a quick and dirty "age-something" filter on the ipad to cover for the undone areas ;) There is still some work to be done on the contours, cartouches and on detailing and text, but since I hadn't got time the last week either, I thought I'll throw it in as a show and tell. The maps shows Naturns in Earlsdale, my homebrew gaming world for the same 18 years as my CC-history. The world can be seen here in this interactive map, I created some time ago (sorry, not in CC - but I got 3-4 versions ranging from CC1 to CC3 of the world as well):

The City map is done in this year annual Jonathan Robers style:

Enjoy and let me hear what you think?


  • I really like your use of greens and browns. It gives the whole map a very warm tone. I like how you did the forest, although I can imagine it was a fair amount of work.

    How long did it take your computer to put in all the shade under the trees, if you don't mind me asking?

    Gorgeous map, though. I like the switchbacks in the roads showing climbs in elevation.

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    Very nice map! I like the overall layout of it, a lot of nice details.
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    First of all - it's rather interesting (and oddly refreshing?) That you used a font other than one typically ascribed to the fantasy genre to title this map. This gives it a nice, unique personality (Celtic / Gaelic calligraphy is beautiful, georgious, and perfect for maps - and I LOVE Celtic lettering - but it's been done to death, lol).

    Secondly - this map is not only georgiously beautiful, but actually looks like an antique, classic work of cartographic art. I've looked at about four million maps from now - to dating way back to before the Pharoahs (at least it seems that way - unfortunately I've misplaced my disk of public domain ancient maps, but I can always get more) - and I can pretty much tell you that you've got a nice example here of a map that looks like it was made in, at the earliest, the late 16th century - but more accurately around the mid to late 18th century because of it's clarity and attention to detail. A rather nice compromise if you want to combine an antique, medieval flavor with a more contemporary functionality. Me likes it!

    Examples of real antique maps for comparitive, critical, and / or analytical purposes (your map actually looks a lot better than these maps do - in my opinion):
  • Very nice style, I also really like the fields and layout.

    What's the story behind the open area that loops through the middle of the city? At first I thought it was where a city wall used to be, but then I couldn't figure out what it would have been protecting.

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    A small update to the map above. I added the walls in the river and some text and a legend. The contours are also slightly blurred. Enjoy!
  • Beautifull! Did you mind to put it in higher resolution? I want this as a wallpaper =)
  • Wow...Just - WOW!!!...Awsomeness.
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    That is really nice. I like it a lot, great job!
  • yeah...super good...i'm super jealous.
  • One of the best maps I have seen here in a while.

    What size is the map.
    And on what scale are the houses?
  • Grimur, this is an amazing and beautiful map. Truly inspiring!

    It is maps like this that push me to keep working at improving. Thanks so much for sharing!
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