Correct Pixel sizes for printing 1 inch battlemap scale

I am quite new to the Cartography scene. I did a search but couldn't find an answer to this question.

I want to produce battlemaps for the new 4th Edition of DnD. I'm limited to printing in A4/A3 so I was hoping someone more experienced would be able to give me pointers on which resolution (lets presume 300dpi) I would need to make sure my grid (square per 5 foot) comes out at an inch square when printed (so it matches the miniatures).

Have I missed an option where I can set the pixel size of the grid? (so each square is 300 pixels squared)



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    Korpus, CC works with a map scale rather than a pixel scale. Use the distance function to find two features that should be 5' apart (1" on the final printed map), and when you go into the print menu, select the option to print at fixed scale (I'm not at my home computer so I can't give you the exact label). You have an option to set a paper scale (put in 1") and a map scale (put in what you found from your distance function). If you started from an indoor template, you should be able to put in 5' for the map scale. If you started from an overland template, use whatever the distance function told you.

  • Thanks for the advice so far, that has put me on the right track. I'm working on 5 foot (which is my grid) equals 1 inch, which should give me the size of grid I am looking for.

    At first i tried to plug in Paper distance = 0.08333 and Map Distance = 5.0 I was hoping this would convert the 5' into 1'' (or 60'' down to 1'')

    That created a massive print out in which the grid is bigger than the pages (A4) or the printout will not print at all and is spooling 16 pages for only a one room print out (I made a test dungeon map to figure this out).

    Though I should have read the help files more closely as the print scale is a relative thing. So I have now managed to solve my issue. For my project outlined above I needed to add 1 as the paper distance (1 inch) and 60 for the map distance (60 inches or 5 feet.)
  • Yes, that's right -- sorry my explanation wasn't clearer. Instead of putting 60 in the map distance, you should also be able to put in the apostrophe after a 5, as in 5' and get the same result. If the map units are properly set up, this will work. I usually do a quick preview if I'm doing a hard scaling, just to be sure I will get what I expected. Steve
  • Okay I am just not getting something. I am using CC3 and Vista since CC2 doesn;t want to function for me in Vista. And I cannot get the print to work out right. For one thing I have only as scaling options fit to page or scale factor. When I try to put in 1" on paper = 5 feet I get a huge square and not the battlemap I want... help please :)

    Also how can I get my grid on the screen to be bigger. So far I can only get one square = 10 feet and changing the grid seems to do nothing :(

    Yes I am way lost :)
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    First thing to check is to make sure your map scale is correct. Use the distance tool from the info menu, and measure the grid squares on the map, to make sure they are the size you think they are. If they are not correct, you need to sdjust the scale factor you type into the print dialog.

    As for changing the grid size, you need to remove the old one, and add a new. Just use the erase command on the grid, then insert a new one using "Hex or square overlay" from the insert menu. Make sure you select the right type of grid, and input the correct grid size. Again, you may need to verify the actual map scale if the grid size doesn't turn out as you thought it would.

    Also make sure you use a dungeon template and not an overland one when making battlemaps, since overland maps uses miles while dungeon maps uses feet. (Not really an issue when you get the hang of it though)
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    I made several battlemats that are as close as I could get to 1" scale. I have them posted on my site if you'd like to have a look:
  • Forgot to mention, I have one that prints 2x2 sheets and another that prints 4x4 sheets. Cheers!
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  • Well I am still struggling with this. went back to quick draws on my chessex battlemat :( Really want to get this figured out :)
  • If you can, go to the print dialog, enter your settings, and do not click OK: instead, click the Preview button. Then take a screenshot and post it somewhere we can look at it.
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    What size is your map and what template did you create it on?
  • I will try to get some screen shots up but it will unfortunately not be until early next week. In the midst of putting the finishing touches on a module for this weekend at the moment. Hard to do with braces on both friggin hands heh. Been a rough couple of months
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  • Just wanted to post that I solved the scaling issue. It seems I must have clicked the "Fit to Page" instead of "Scale to... Once I changed it the print out was exactly 1" per 5' map section. Sometimes the answer is that simple.
  • I've found that the longer and more frustrating the problem, the more likely the answer is something simple that got overlooked. Good to know you've got this one figured out- and I'll try to remember that trick if I find myself in a similar situation.
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