Help needed 1920-30's UK Maps of Essex

Can anyone help me with maps of Essex UK in particular Wickford, Vange, Northbenfleet, Laindon.

Sorry if OT but thought this may be best place to ask, they are for a Cuthulu 1920's game

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  • Pretty please
  • Check out the board game "Arkham Horror." I've played it a number of times and my pen and paper gaming group has used this board game as the setting for a few table top WoD (World of Darkness) games. It can be a great source for RPG development; the catch is, the game is set in Massachusetts, not Essex. I'm not from the UK; but, if you are interested in UK cartography, search for Ordnance Survey maps. On my last trip to the UK, I bought a topographical map of Wales and a historical map of Roman Britain... I about wet myself when I saw them -- they are truly excellent.

    As a side note, I'd like to hear what reputation the Ordnance Survey maps have in the UK. I had a picture taken at an Ordnance Survey marker on the top of Arthur's Seat, near Edinburgh, Scotland.
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    I believe the Ordnance Survey have an excellent reputation everywhere anyone cares about maps.
    From the wikipedia page:
    "Ordnance Survey (OS) is an executive agency of the United Kingdom government. It is the national mapping agency for Great Britain,[1] and one of the world's largest producers of maps. The name reflects the original military purpose of the organisation (see ordnance and surveying) in mapping Britain during the Napoleonic Wars when there was a threat of invasion from France. OS is widely regarded[citation needed] as the most systematic and thorough mapping institution in the world, detailing every corner of Britain long before satellite technology made quality maps of the same standard available elsewhere in the world."
  • Excellent. The maps I bought are certainly a pleasure.
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