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Good day all. I'm quite certain that I'm havig an issue with uploading real world data. I'll downloaded it from the site (still awaiting my boxed version) and saved it to my desktop. When I try to load the real world data as a new binary map, it asks me if I would like to use the info file that is found with it. Does anyone have an exact procedure that should used when downloading, saving, and loading real world data?

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    Are you talking about Fractal Terrains? If so, you can look at -- the instructions there don't work for me, but do for others. What did work for me was:

    1. Download ETOPO2.dos.bin
    2. File/New
    3. Select Binary
    4. Select the downloaded ETOPO2.dos.bin file
    5. Specify the correct parameters...
    Per-Sample Info: 2 byte, LSB First (Intel), Signed
    Line Width: 21600 bytes
    Header Length: 0 bytes
    Wrap Horizontally: On (I think)
    File Data: X Start 0 samples, Width 10800 samples, Y Start 0 samples, Height 5400 samples
    Map Edges: Top 90, Left -180, Right 180, Bottom -90
    Missing Data: no data -9999, Replaced checked, New Value 0
    6. Click OK
    7. Click Next
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    It shouldn't be any more difficult than browsing selecting the desired data file (Use the ETOPO5.bin file for the entire earth), and say ok to use the the supplied info file, and then finishing the wizard. As long as you use the supplied info file, no parameters needs to be changed.
    If you wish to experiment with these parameters, the FT help file describes them.

    Directions for downloading another (NOT ProFantasy supplied) dataset from the web and using that is available here:

    Edit: hmm.. Seems like Tim posted while I was writing my reply.
    Note that by using the PF supplied ETOPO5 dataset, you should be able to use the header file supplied without entering parameters yourself, but ETOPO2 is better though, although also quite a bit bigger.
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    Where can I download ETOPO2.bin? The link mentioned above is broken.
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    You could also try:
    which was posted this past July. I have not tried to use it yet though.
  • Thanks for these posts. This is just what I've been looking for.
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    Hmm I followed Welsh Pipers instructions to the letter and its no different than using the ETOP05 (I think thats the file name) from the FT disk. There are no ocean info. I can't increase the ocean levels with it.

    I downloaded EPOP02 Bin file and renamed it "Rename ETOPO2.dos.bin to ETOPO2.bin" it was never called "ETOPO2.dos.bin" Just "ETOP02.dos" when I downloaded it.
    I downloaded the ETOPO2.hdr file provided and its in the same folder

    It has all the altitudes just no Water Levels just like the info on the FT disk.
    Changing land size or water size does nothing to the map.

    pvernon Which file do you need to download for the ETOP01?

    What did I do wrong?

    Can some one just post a FT file of Earth who can figure this out. I'm pretty upset right now. Took forever to download this file and I still can't get it to work.
  • When I go to the NGDC website to download ETOPO2, I click on the file link for "ETOPO2.dos.bin". The page loads to about 25% complete, then fills with garbage characters and freezes up. I am using IE7 with Win Vista. (I detest Firefox, so don't even suggest it.)
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    Seems like your browser tries to display the file instead of downloading it, which is not really a good idea. Right click on the link and select the download option instead.
  • Brilliant. That never occurred to me. D'oh!
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    I'd call this a success. Much better that ETOPO5, IMHO.

    BTW....ETOPO 1 is in beta-testing right now. (It's supposed to be even better)
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