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[WIP] Endoria - Regional Map (Monster Lands)

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I have been working to bring the World of Endoria to life in CC3. The person I'm doing this for has been running a DND game in Endoria for 20+ years now and I'm building the map from his collection of crude pencil drawing and filling in the rest of the world as I see fit. The world is huge and it is taking longer than expected but I'm making progress. Now that the August Contest entries are completed I have been able to work on the Monster Lands and surrounding area to produce a regional map ina jpeg image as I have not broken out the region into a separate map yet.

I decided to post what I have been working on to get some feedback into what I can do better and what I maybe missing. The style is Sue's Overland Spectrum with building from Darklands.

I may post the entire map later as it is currently rough and only has some areas fleshed out but not real happy with some of those areas. So here is what I'm currently working on.



  • Are you importing the sketches into cc3+ ? You can put them on their own sheet and layer, then use them as a guide.

    I've done that with several hundred 5mm hexagon paper maps.

  • @JimP

    Yes that is what I did but most of the areas are pretty blank with just some landmark stuff.

    Well I knew this was going to happen I just ran into memory issues trying to export the jpeg. This is a huge map with lots of stuff so now I need to figure out how to either reduce the scale or start over which I really do not want to do.

    Here is what I have now. lower resolution as I could not export any higher.

  • You may want to reduce the amount of Edge Fade, Inner.

    Jeff B
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    Thanks Quenten I'll do that.

    That worked I reduced the edge fade and now I can export at a higher resolution.

    By the way the city of Torlok is between the forks of the Bligh River.

    I'll look through the atlas and see if I can find a spot for the Torlok map if not I'll ask for you help Quenten to find a spot for it.

  • Larger the map, the fewer the symbols should be used. Otherwise you run into a rendering and exporting problem.

    For the largest cities in my Crestar site, I made them either in pieces, or a generalized map, with smaller detail maps.

    Those two methods likely won't work for the Atlas.

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    Good-looking map!

    My immediate thought beyond that is that some of the broader rivers don't appear quite right. In places where they merge, there's often a patch of darker blue in them which makes them seem a little disjointed. I suspect that may be because the inner glow effect on the rivers sheet needs tweaking to be a little larger, perhaps (it may be something else, as this isn't a style I've used much, or very recently, however).

    Also, there's the common problem with river lines where they meet the coast, that they don't match up properly with the coastline, and can seem to run into the sea, with a colour mismatch. Sometimes you can adjust the final node on the river line to match better with the coastline, though sometimes not. One alternative is to add a small polygonal patch of the appropriate sea fill texture over the end of the river line, although even that sometimes doesn't work as well as you might wish.

    A further alternative is to set up the land sheet with a Color Key Effect, which effectively "cuts out" the rivers instead of superimposing lines on top, so essentially the rivers become long sea inlets instead. The downside is you have to draw the rivers on the land sheet as well, and in a solid fill of a single colour (by default, this is Colour 6, bright pink). You can though make your rivers look a lot more natural that way, especially if you draw them as polygons instead of lines (this can be a bit tedious for long rivers, however, as you have to draw both banks), or add polygons to disguise where river lines of different widths meet (so the main river line can vary in thickness along its length in a more "realistic" manner than a single line width will allow.

  • @Wyvern

    Thank You for the river tips I will be looking at that as I really hate the get the rivers to match with the coast line and attaching to different river sections.

    I like the Spectrum Overland style but I wanted to use a different style for this map but the guy I'm making it for wanted this style.

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