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I tweaked the coat of arms template that comes with the Heraldic Symbols March 2008 Annual to create some tavern signs. Using various PNGs with index transparencies, I was able to create some of the following.


  • Another tavern sign...
  • For a Revolutionary War era game (like Colonial Gothic)...
  • And something for a dark fantasy or horror campaign...
  • Those are great!
  • Wowsers !
  • These are awesome. Mind If I steal them for my campaign?
  • /applause

    Very well done.
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    Very nice.
    Personally, I would like to have the tavern name written on the sign as well though.
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    Thanks everyone. :)

    @Monsen: I'm going to try a few with the names written on. One of the reasons I left the names off was because in earlier times, many pub patrons couldn't read, so the owners would leave the name off and only use a picture (more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pub_names).

    @JoeyD473: Please do!

    I'm trying to find a good list of "famous" RPG pub names (like the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Village of Hommlet) so I can make signs for the "classics", but haven't had much luck.
  • Here's a remake of the Wolf's Head Pub.
  • Fantastic!

    I like to see new uses of CC3 and this is top grade! Where did you got the wood texture ?
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    Posted By: jaerdaphOne of the reasons I left the names off was because in earlier times, many pub patrons couldn't read, so the owners would leave the name off and only use a picture
    I suspected that was your line of thought. But while it might be historically accurate, I do believe they look better with names on. But, I guess it depends on what you are using them for. Most fantasy campaigns have a higher ratio of literate people than the real middle ages, but if you are going for a real-world feeling, it is appropriate.
    All of them look good in any case though.
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    @Joachim - thanks for the compliment! The wood texture is from John "SoLo" Susek's texture site: http://www.johnsolo.net/tex/tex.php specifically this one: http://www.johnsolo.net/tex/wood_1_alt.jpg John's usage policy for his textures is "Consider them free to use for all non-commercial purposes." There's a full index of his textures here: http://www.johnsolo.net/tex/ I rotated the wood texture above 90° and converted it into a PNG for use in CC3.
  • @Monsen - I agree that it's certainly acceptable to have written names on signs in fantasy campaigns considering the higher degree of suspension of disbelief we engage in when we play in them. English (or any other native language of the players and GM) is the default "common" tongue anyway, so seeing a sign or document or map prop that is readable by the players in English isn't off-putting at all and only enhances the roleplaying experience. It's like how we enjoy Star Trek TOS episodes before there was ever any mention of "universal translators". :)
  • Attached is my CC3 tavern sign template and wood texture PNG file if you want to make some of your own signs. See the readmefirst.txt file for where you will need to copy the wood texture PNG for this to work. If you turn on sheet effects, the blank wooden sign will be all set up for you. You should place any PNG images you wish to use for your custom tavern sign on the DESIGNS sheet. There are two sheet effects used on the DESIGNS sheet - Blur and Transparency. I recommend setting values between 0.01 and 0.05 for Blur, and between 50 and 85 for Transparency - you may need to experiment with the settings to get your image to look just right (while CC3 is CAD based and very scientific and exact, the sheet effects are far less so and what's "right" is more an artistic or subjective choice). If you are going to use multiple images for your sign, I recommend creating DESIGNS1, DESIGNS2 etc. for each image and adding the same sheet effects found on DESIGNS sheet. You don't have to set the Blur and Transparency values to the same settings on the different sheets either. Just experiment and have fun, salt & pepper to taste etc. Enjoy - I hope somebody gets some use from these. :)
  • I was hoping you would share. Thank you very much!
  • Yes, all my thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing this. I think I will put this to good use.
  • You're welcome!

    Here's a tip if you want to add a "stain" to the wood (like the black stain I used on the second Wolf's Head Pub sign): Draw a solid polygon in the color you want to use as a stain on a DESIGNS sheet that is below any DESIGNS sheets you are using for images that matches the shape of the sign board. Set the Blur to 0.05 and the Transparency to about 50. It will give the wood a nice appearance as if it had been stained or lightly painted.
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    Here's a tavern sign for an Irish pub. (Edit: Fixed the lettering on the sign.)
  • These are fantastic.
  • This is really great!

    I take it the irish pub symbols are not CC3 native?
  • Thanks again, everyone. :)

    @Barrataria - No, these are images I found on the Web. I imported them into Fireworks, tweaked them as best I could to get transparency areas if needed, and exported them as indexed PNGs. I imported the PNGs into CC3 using Draw -> Insert File. You can of course use the PNG images from the CC3 symbols, many of which would make really cool tavern signs. I recommend using Draw -> Insert File to import the PNG image of the symbol into the tavern sign template rather than place the actual symbol itself, as this will go directly on the DESIGNS sheet which is already set up with sheet effects (using the symbols will create a new SYMBOLS sheet in the tavern sign template and won't have the sheet effects added unless you do it manually). Here's an example using PNG symbol images from CC3 and DD3:
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    These are really awesome! I think the funniest shop sign I've ever seen hangs above the fishing supply store on the lower wharf at Booty Bay (World of Warcraft™). Innocent to most young players, X-rated innuendo to those who remember the 1970s.
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