World of Myirandios - Mivlis-Gyarflags region (400 x 400 km)

edited December 2020 in Show and Tell

I will use this thread to map my 400 x 400 km (250 x 250 miles) section of the Gyarflags - Weldarmon regional map.

First the regional map for reference:


  • Now the 400 x 400 km square I will be working on - Gyarflags and Mivlis - this is my main focus area, and whee most of my small regional maps, settlement maps and building and dungeons will be located. You will recognize some from the Atlas. I will list them on my next post. They are all hyperlinked.

    More work is needed on this, obviously, and apart from getting the regional maps done as an initial start in each, I will be concentrating on this map for Myirandios.

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