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Welcome to the ProFantasy community forum! The purpose of this community is to ask questions, share tricks, and generally learn how to use ProFantasy products. Current patches and tech support are available from the ProFantasy website.


Because our users make up a very active community, some guidelines have been put forth to keep the forum running smoothly and on topic.

  1. Please be civil and polite in your postings. We are a friendly bunch of people here, and we'd like to keep it that way. Disagreeing with someone is fine, but please do it in a clam and civil manner.
  2. We try to make this a place where everyone can feel welcome, so please avoid sensitive topics like religion, politics or the latest news. What you consider harmless fun may be an infuriating provocation to someone else.
  3. Try to stay on topic. A little conversation mixed in with software related messages is acceptable, but please don't stray too far off-topic. Respect moderators closing a topic, if they decide it to be irrelevant.
  4. Please try to avoid "Me too" postings. If you agree with someone, that's great; but put some other information in the message as well. You can also use the reactions (like, awesome, insightful, lol) if you just want to show your support without writing anything.
  5. In many cases, the answer to your question is already available. The forum is fully searchable, so before you post a question, please click on the "Search" tab above and try whether a few keywords relating to your question bring up an answer.
  6. No "Virus Warning," "Help A Sick Child," or any of their ilk. Please keep this spam to yourself.
  7. No advertising for sites or products that do not directly relate to ProFantasy.
  8. Images in posts are automatically resized to a maximum of 1000 by 1000 pixels. If you want to post higher resolution images, you have your own personal image gallery in your user profile. Images in posts are limited to 2MB, while the gallery accepts up to 5MB. Please consider using .jpg images whenever possible, as there is very little visual difference between jpg and png, and jpg images are about 6 times smaller, which means they load much faster and is much friendlier for people with slow or metered connections.
  9. Please DON'T send Private Messages to admins/mods/knowledgeable people to ask for help unless you need to convey sensitive information. These people are not your personal support staff. Post in the open, that benefits everyone else who might have the same problem, and it helps you get an answer quicker, because there are more than one person who can reply.
  10. If you see any objectionable content, please hit the Flag link in the post to report it. If you are harassed via private messages, please notify a mod or administrator.

We're trying not to bog anyone down with rules, but some order must be maintained. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.

More information and helpful guides related to the use of this forum can be found here.

You can also found a curated section of helpful resources that may aid your mapping here.


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