Missing ProFantasy Folder after download / install

I have downloaded CC3Plus (not for the first time). The installaition instructions shows the program downloading to my Program Files / Pro Fantasy / CC3Plus. in fact, the installation said there was already just such a file and I had to change the name of the file to CC3PlusA. In addition, when I load a new map, I can follow a path to Program Files / Pro Fantasy / whatever and load a template, no problem.

However, when I try to find the file, it does not show up through Explorer. And Search does not find the file. But everything through Pro Fantasy says it is there.

Help. I want to download the new Mappa Harnica tools for CC3Plus, but for some reason, my files are not the same as the ones downloaded through the website. I am missing a folder mentioned in the install instructions. Could this be because I loaded my origingal CC3Plus with a disk? Or could a past update have made the changes?


  • Are you on a 64-bit OS? If so, you should be looking in "/Program Files (x86)/ProFantasy/CC3Plus" because CC3+ is a 32-bit application. If you're on a 32-bit OS, ignore that. In addition, you really don't want the data files there. You want them in "/ProgramData/..." or another folder altogether.
  • rexalan60rexalan60 Newcomer
    Actually, I figured that out. When I installed, it copied over all my old files and now all the maps I made show purple where I had different fills. Any idea how to get my old fills back? I worked some vodoo some years ago with some old Mappa Harnica files, but do not remember what I did!
  • MonsenMonsen 🖼️ 43 images Mapmaker Administrator
    The important point when using bitmap fills and symbols is to keep the resources in the same location as they where originally, since the paths is stored in the drawing.

    If done correctly, it should use relative paths that point to the CC3+ data directory, which means that if they are in the same place inside the data directory as before, it doesn't matter where the data directory actually is, but if done incorrectly and it uses absolute paths, then the files need to be on the same exact place as before.

    You can check the paths of bitmap fills in the fill style dialog, fills with missing fills should show up with red X'es in the preview in the dropdown. Then check the filename to find out the name of the file and where it is supposed to be located.
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