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Posting Guidelines (Please read this first!)

Welcome to the ProFantasy community forum! The purpose of this community is to ask questions, share tricks, and generally learn how to use ProFantasy products. Current patches and tech support are available from the ProFantasy website.


Because our users make up a very active community, some guidelines have been put forth to keep the forum running smoothly and on topic.

1. Please be civil and polite in your postings. We are a friendly bunch of people here, and we'd like to keep it that way. If someone posts something you personally do not agree with, use the "Whisper" function to talk to them directly. Be aware that moderators can see "Whispered" posts.

2. Try to stay on topic. A little conversation mixed in with software related messages is acceptable, but please don't stray too far off-topic. Respect moderators closing a topic, if they decide it to be irrelevant.

3. Attachments are possible on the forum. Please see below for how to post images and source files of your maps.

4. Please try to avoid "Me too" postings. If you agree with someone, that's great; but put some other information in the message as well.

5. In many cases, the answer to your question is already available. The forum is fully searchable, so before you post a question, please click on the "Search" tab above and try whether a few keywords relating to your question bring up an answer.

6. No "Virus Warning," "Help A Sick Child," or any of their ilk. Please keep this spam to yourself.

7. No advertising for sites or products that do not directly relate to ProFantasy.

8. If you prefer a mailing list format to participate in the ProFantasy community, you can subscribe to the CC2-l Yahoo group.

We're trying not to bog anyone down with rules, but some order must be maintained. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.


Ralf Schemmann, ProFantasy Software Ltd.

Posting your maps

The ProFantasy community forum allows users to upload images and other attachments limited to a size of 1024kb or lower. This should be plenty for most maps. You can upload maps (.fcw), symbol catalogs (.fsc), and templates (.fct) directly, but you can also use software to create zip or rar files and attach those. Images attached to a post will be displayed inline, and should be resized to be a maximum of 800 pixel wide before posting.

If you want to post larger images of your work, please use an external server for hosting the images. There are a number of free services available on the web, like Flickr, PhotoBucket, or ImageShack.

To post such an image here you can simply paste the thumbnail code those sites give you into your message. Here is an example:


To include an image in your post directly use the following code:

<img src="url to your image" />

Please do no post images wider than 800 pixel, as they will make the discussion difficult to read. Instead post a thumbnail with a link to the image:

<a href="url to your image"><img src="url to your thumbnail&quot /></a>

Note that for this to work, your comments needs to be formatted as Html (Selector below the enter comments box)


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