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  • [WIP] Atlas Competition Entry - Coils of the Cold Coroner

    Monsen suggested I put together a map for the region this dungeon will be in, so here it is:

  • Community Atlas 500th map and 4 year anniversary competition with prizes.

    What Wyvern states is correct. That time is to allow it to become March 1st in every time zone.

    Autumn GettyLoopysue
  • Dungeon on a strip-map?

    I keep an eye on a few other places online than this Forum from time to time, and today came across this recent posting on Dyson Logos' blog. It concerns a very long, thin, detailed dungeon map, and you can download a free copy of it from the blog page in its coloured version, as well as a zip file in black-and-white with and without a grid. I've not come across anything quite like this previously.

    What occurred to me was that this might be an interesting idea to try using the strip-map technique, highlighted back in May 2009's Cartographer's Annual issue. The nature of the map on Dyson's website would make it difficult to draw something similar using CC3+ as-is, as just being so long, but a chopped-up version like the classic strip map could work quite well.

    Long walk for the player characters if the entrance and exit are at the same end, and the big treasure room's at the other, of course!

    mike robel
  • Community Atlas 500th map and 4 year anniversary competition with prizes.

    @Autumn Getty - That's midday = noon on Monday by Greenwich Mean Time = UTC. If you're not in the GMT = UTC time zone, you'll need to convert, of course.

    Autumn Getty
  • Vincula, the City of the Mountaingate

    Newest shot! I'd say I'm 95% done with everything within the city walls at this point. Only missing the key/index, but I'll find a good tutorial on that soon. The main issues I'm thinking about atm are on the eastern side.

    The river looks good through most of the area, but the green border from the water is cutting into the gray I've got going on for the harbor area. I'm trying to figure out a way to get rid of the green glow in those particular areas without getting rid of it along the whole river. I want the industrial grey to look like it's choking out the life from the area. I might keep the grey blob on the right side of the river, or I might just have a few rich fogies build beach houses there.

    The fields will be a bit easier to manage, and it'll be a nice excuse to make a little tutorial town on the outskirts of this major city. I'm thinking the black building in the bottom right cutting under the wall will serve as a food deposit of some kind, so I'll put a road from the farming town down to that so it's obvious there's a connection there. Maybe another small river off the big one, to explain how they water the crops. (You can only blame so much on druids.)

  • Topographical map of the Ice bed of Antarctica

    That's a nice site Jim. Easier, but not so many features as the, but still good. I really like the ability to have the map fill the entire screen.

  • New Oxtail - WIP

    There are several ways of doing the mountain. It depends how important it is to the map and how much time you want to take in creating it.

    The quick and easy way is to use one or more sheets with a large and slightly smoothed "Bevel, Lighted" sheet effect, followed by an Edge Fade Inner sheet effect, and possibly a Blend Mode to blend the feet of the mountain into the flat ground. On that sheet you draw the extent of your mountain. I recommend using one of the transparent Solid fills, or a solid fill with transparency added in the Blend Mode.

    The more detailed way that takes a lot longer is to actually draw the thing with lines and patches of shading on the darker side.

    I will let you chose before I gallop off down a detailed description of either, or maybe someone else has an even better idea. There are always many ways of doing a thing in CC3.

  • Topographical map of the Ice bed of Antarctica

    I found

    to be substantionaly easier to work with than the recent version of the Coast and Geodetic Survey site.

    mike robel
  • Lettering and labels of the clickable functions is unreadable due to size - any fixes?

    Bottom right of CC3+, click on the hammer. Select the size of the icons you want. Click on okay.

  • Atlas Competition - The Divide

    Mark, it looks like they're from the Dundjinni Archives: the Crystal-Table symbols for the pillars (@Symbols\Dundjinni Archives\BL12_Dressing\Winter Objects\) and the BurningPot symbols for the braziers (@Symbols\Dundjinni Archives\BL12_Dressing\Flaming Pots\).