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  • Curse of the Crimson Crown (Pathfinder Adventure Path)

    Medio said:

    Going really well! A little sugestion to make the map even better: work on the water. It takes much of the screen and deserves more attention. On these maps you can even play with doing waves, curls, etc...

    Thanks, I'll see what I can do once the rest of the map is complete enough to use in-game. For the moment, I've increased the opacity of the multiply effect, so that Jonathon Roberts' texture is a little more prominent.

    This is a mostly complete, unfurnished export of the villain's hideout below the main level. There's some weird geometry, that used to cause confusion, but was clarified in the anniversary edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne. There is only a three foot clearance above the area between the rotting ship and the hideout itself and the "walkway" floats on the river. The door into the hideout is only a 2.5 foot square hatch.

  • Community Atlas - Elen Daelarion - Zognilak Fortress

    They were dark, I lightened them up considerably. I can remove the shadows, no problem.

    No shadow effects, but it looks like the hill symbols have a slight shadow built in.

  • WIP: Tilkar map

    And that´s all for today. Added last mountains, changed forests abit (still have a mad idea on my idea that will try later this week) and starting doing rivers properly. More fun tomorrow, hopefully!

  • Project Spectrum - Part 2

    As a slight aside for those motorboat sites Loopysue mentioned just in case you land there - I've found that the super-expensive yachts and class A motorhomes and the like make really good starting points for shuttle maps.

    I don't remember the yacht names, but there was one that had space for several cars. The motorhomes I recently looked at were some of the Thor and Prevost models. There's some more ideas here to take a look at:

  • Project Spectrum - Part 2

    Wow, really hoping we get a few more installments for this style. Would like to see structures for various D&D type races (evles, dwarves, orcs, giants, and something demonic/evil comes to mind). Would also like to seeing some castle/keep, etc. variations. and some more variations for temperate forests (like willows, something taller/thinner). Also, some apple trees.

    Also, the Underdark is horribly underrepresented and seems like your workflow could lend itself well to that setting -- fungal forests for the Vault of the Drow comes to mind(!!).

    Four more installments for 2021!!!!

  • Fanche Pass Campsite - Battlemap

    Thanks! Great opportunity to play with re-scale symbols.

  • Fanche Pass Campsite - Battlemap

    My first battlemap. Explored sheets and effects. Still struggling with scale and symbol placement. Despite trying to calc the size in advance, I messed up and ran out of room - so horses are hobbled in an area off map. Suggestions are always appreciated!

  • Raiko

    Didn't own the original Elite, so I haven't played it much, just a few hours with a friend. But I spent countless hours in Elite 2 (Well, not as many as I've spent in E:D). Feel free to look me up in game, I am Cmdr Remy Monsen there. I am usually a bit on and off, playing in periods.

    WFRP 1st ed was actually the first RPG I ever played, but we didn't end up playing much with the guy owning it, and soon ended up buying AD&D 2nd ed ourselves which has been my groups main game since.

  • WIP: Tilkar map

    Looks to me like the central mountain chain may be providing some rain shadow to the eastern half of the continent. If so, you might want to push some bits of the forest on the western half right to the edge of the map rather than leaving a gap to imply it stretches beyond. Otherwise this is truly excellent work.

  • WIP: Tilkar map

    I think, for the style you seem to be aiming to achieve, the forests are fine.