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  • Community Atlas - River Watch - Abhannfair Caves, 13

    Mostly mapped. Two evil areas in the forest valleys to the east.

    What do you think of me placing druids in the southwest forest area ?

    I might do more with this, the symbols weren't sorted this time, maybe add a ruins here and there.

    900 pixel jpg.

  • seven kingdoms

    another map that im currently working on.

    i really should try to concentrate on one map at a time

  • Pseudo-Architectural Shenaningans (WIP)

    Looks like a largish house to me, with the back door opening into a nice big kitchen, off which so far you have a scullery and various pantries and cupboards.

  • Pseudo-Architectural Shenaningans (WIP)

    I am 100% confident it will spill into 2021 before this one's completed. It seems like a good excuse to start building a symbols catalogue proper, for future projects in the same category. Seeing as I have no idea what type of building it is, however, procrastrination most likely will win the day.

  • October Community Challenge - City Streets - VOTING POLL in first post

    I think the street map was ideal.

    How about we each pick a building from the street maps we've just done to do a full building plan of the interior and any sub levels?

    I know Quenten kind of did that anyway with his entire street, but I'm talking about a dungeon plan based on one of the buildings from this most recent challenge. And I don't think it matters if you want to pick one from your own street or someone else's.

  • October Community Challenge - City Streets - VOTING POLL in first post

    I'll probably never to cities as competions. The most common thing I hear every time someone announce a challenge or competition is "sorry, I just don't have time right now, working on this other map/real life/etc...". And cities are one of the most time-consuming things out there, which certainly wouldn't help with people having time to take part. (And while you can do something like a Watabou city really quick, that wouldn't be much of a mapping challenge considering most of the work is just changing properties on the import, especially when all the entries are like that)

    And for that two-parter idea to work, I would have to put really strict rules into place regarding how to build the city for part 1 for it to be suitable, I don't think that is really going to work out well.

  • WIP Commission, Ancient Tombs

    Google translate doesn’t work for me :-)

  • WIP Commission, Ancient Tombs

    Level 3 is done! Yipee. One more dungeon level to go, this one is a cave, so I haven't decided style yet. I might go Jon Roberts or DD3. This one wasn't too bad, only took me, probably 3.5-4hours.

    Is anyone working out what the hieroglyphs say? You should. It's fun and a tad creepy. No prizes, just my admiration.

  • The "Real" Wargame Youtube video

    Simply awesome. Ive spent many years on my younghood doing war dioramas with my father so i know how much effort it´s needed ... for a square meter one. This... wow.

    EDIT: French is so similar to Spanish and still, i struggle to understand it :D Well, the Portuguese is even worse as Gallego is my native language as it´s related totally with Portuguese... and still have a tough time on understanding them!

    mike robel
  • Community Atlas - River Watch - Abhannfair Caves, 13

    Okay. I'll see what I can do.