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    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020
    I have a map I want to export for Roll20. I did the calculations and when I go to save as it tells me not enough memory for the operation. How should I best deal with this?
    I have attached the file
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020
    First of all, if you have anti-alias on, try reducing or turning it off completely. Anti-aliasing severely increase export size, and therefore memory usage.

    If you have a computer with 8GB memory or less, I also recommend closing memory-hungry programs, and then re-start CC3+ to ensure it gets access to all the memory you can give it. (CC3+ can utilize a maximum of 4GB memory, but your OS and other programs also love memory, so ensure enough is available)

    If that isn't enough, you will have to reduce export resolution. Either, you can just live with a reduced resolution, or you can export the map in parts using the save as rectangular section option. Then, you can either assemble the parts in an image editor before uploading to Roll20, or you can just upload each part, if I remember roll20 correctly, you can line up 4 map pieces side by side.

    What export resolution are you going for anyway? Roll20 do have strict file size limits, so very large maps can quickly cause problems when uploading.
    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020
    I may be over that limit too. I never thought about it but the export size 70k pixels x 35k Pixels. I probably should've put this info in the original post
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020 edited
    You'll never be able to upload that to Roll20. Image that size gets into the Gigabytes, and Roll20 only allows for files up to 10MB (5 for free account). That export size is just plain crazy.

    You'll never be able to upload that entire map in battlemap scale to Roll20.
    What I recommend is to upload a smaller overview map, and then do battlemap-scale maps of the areas where combat will take place, or other interesting features exist.

    Note that if you really want an image that size, the only option is exporting in tiles. For that, Annual issue 129 is perfect for the job, which I used to export the City of Sanctuary. But realistically, you don't want to do that with this map, as you won't be able to use it as you are planning anyway.

    For a basic export in CC3+, about 10kx10k is the upper limit. Depending on the map, it can be pushed a bit further, and some complex maps cannot even reach that, but it is a starting point for the max size.
    • CommentAuthorJoeyD473
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020
    Thank You
    Joey, if you like big maps (and who doesn't?) You can always take a look at the Foundry VTT that was just released. It is a Roll20 replacement with a one-time purchase (no subscription!) and you can use ANY size map you want, since it is self-hosted.

    My current largest map is a MASSIVEy 64" x 180" @150dpi whose final resolution is 6,400 x 18,000. I have compressed it to JPG quality 85% which brings it down to 70MB which is actually manageable.

    It takes about 90 seconds for the map to load for my players, but otherwise it is fully-functional within the software.

    It's currently a work in progress, but you can see for yourself here:

    It's too big for this forum to handle lolz.

    I rendered it using the Large Export script from one of the Annuals, with 1 horizontal row and 5 vertical. Each floor then handled its own lighting, and then that script stitches them all together flawlessly. It takes about 90 minutes to render though, so patience helps.

    You can also use the Rectangular selection Monsen mentioned if you need to render a single section so you dont have to render them all together.
    I tried to post the image, reduced down to 1024 wide and only 4MB but it got blocked with these error lines:
    Some problems were encountered
    The file you attempted to upload (DracoloreAcademyGiantNoGridTeeny.jpg) was empty.
    You are not allowed to upload (DracoloreAcademyGiantNoGridTeeny.jpg) the requested file type:
    Another reason to consider purchasing the annual with Large Exports is that it's super helpful when doing multi-story or multi-level dungeons and buildings since it lets you break up the whole thing into sections which CAN be rendered, but allows you to keep them all in one map which is helpful for VTTs like Roll20, Foundry, Astral, because it lets you keep all of the tokens and such on a single scene within the VTT.

    Before I learned to do this, I was making a separate map for each floor, and had to constantly move players around and switch between scenes, which was confusing for everyone involved. Having one giant map really improves the experience, and so far Foundry has no trouble running it. Foundry in particular only really chokes when you have too many individual walls, but even then it takes thousands before you hit a bottleneck. My Dracolore Academy map only has a few hundred walls, and is butter-smooth when in use.
    • CommentAuthorWyvern
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2020
    Posted By: NoahZorbaughI tried to post the image, reduced down to 1024 wide and only 4MB but it got blocked...

    Noah, the Forum limit for images is 1024 kB file size. The 1024 pixel width is simply for viewing convenience on the Forum. See this post on one of the Forum's Sticky topics for more information.
    Thanks! Yeah I saw that, but misread the 1024 kb, thought it was 10,000 kb.
    • CommentAuthorJimP
    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2020
    Thumbs up !
    Those are beautiful maps! Bravo!

    Also, I second the recommendation for Foundry VTT. It's a one-time license ($50, I think), but it's SO much more flexible and extensible than R20. I could do more with the early beta versions of Foundry than I could with the full Pro version of R20, and Foundry's now had a year more development time.