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    Hello Folks,

    About 2 years ago, I made a map for my homebrew Pathfinder campaign using CC (see attached).
    I am now at a point where I need to make the eight surrounding maps. I have a few questions before I start.

    1. What is the best way to keep the same exact map style when starting the new maps. I don't remember what style I originally selected?

    2. What is the best way to make the edge of one map line up with the edge of the adjoining map?

    I think those are my two biggest questions for now. If you think of any "Gotchas" that I need to look out for, please warn me ahead of time.

    Thank You,

      Map - Three Kingdoms Region.jpg
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2020
    1. Best way is usually to check the map style (unless you have changed it) by clicking Drawing Properties .

    2. I would probably just import the first map into the second, placing it off to the side, and turn off the SCREEN sheet to prevent it hiding things. Then delete the inserted map once I had enough to go on.
    • CommentAuthorQuayuazue
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2020
    Very nice map !
    Great question, I didn’t even know think about that when expanding.

    Thanx for the advice Monsen