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    I'm actually done my first project using CC3!! It's really exciting and I can't wait to lay these maps down for my players to see their reaction. One issues came up though right when I was about to start printing the maps. I was going over all of them one last time and looking at each one with effects on in print preview. I noticed that in print preview some of my symbols had doubled?? It's hard to explain so I've added a link to show you exactly what I see. I had actually posted about this a little while back and got distracted reformatting my computer. I was asked what version of CC3 I was running and the answer is 3.20 (apparantly this issue was a bug with previous versions of cc3) I've installed the latest patches.

    Link to picture

    (note the red line showing where the tiling takes effect and how the symbols at the bottom of the page no where near the tiling overlap are being doubled)

    If I turn off effects it works perfectly fine again. It's only when effects are turned on when this issue
    arises. I've also seen a few similar problems when turning effects on. I put a skeleton laying on a bedroll and I mirrored his image to look a specific way. When I turn effects on that skeleton flips around to the original angle, and when I turn effects back off he flips right around again to his mirrored side. The skeleton problem I can work around though :) it's this darn tiling bug that's stumping me, Thanks in advance everyone!!
    • CommentAuthorsdavies2720
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2008 edited
    It looks like a bug. If you turn overlap off (set to 0%), does the preview look ok? I'm guessing that the preview is not truncating each page the way it should