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    • CommentAuthorDiremede
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2020
    So I made a galactic map in which I am going to be using for an upcoming game. Each square on the grid is going to represent 1 parsec. I want the players to be able to choose which sector they are going to travel to, unfortunately the grid text is very small, and I've rendered the map about as detailed as possible and where I can still use it with roll20, the file limit being 10 mb. To give you some perspective the map is 800 x 800 with a 10' square grid, so it is an 80 x 80 square grid. When you zoom in the text is very tiny and you can only make out about half of it.

    So the question is, does anyone know how to make the grid label text larger? I did a search of the forums and found nothing concerning the topic.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2020
    Basically, you just want to use Change Properties on it.

    However, groups is locked, so you want to unlock groups temporarily to select the individual elements (button in the lower right of the window)

    The grid/text is probably also on a frozen layer, so go into the layers dialog and thaw the HEX/SQUARE GRID layer.

    It is also easiest for you to select all the text by entity type rather then trying to pick each individually. You can also do a simple window selection, it doesn't really matter if the grid lines are selected also if you just change the text size, as this won't affect the grid lines.
    • CommentAuthorDiremede
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2020
    Got it, Thanks!