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    • CommentAuthorroy.denton
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2020
    I may have overlooked it, but is there a way to insert random symbols from a group by clicking on the unexpanded group and clicking in the drawing? Maybe right clicking to skip a random choice if not liked.
    • CommentAuthorSkidAce
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2020 edited
    spacebar i think.

    EDIT: its tab.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2020
    The symbols in that collection also need to have the 'Randomly Select from Collection' option set, indicated by an R in the top left of the symbol preview window in the catalog.
    • CommentAuthorroy.denton
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2020
    Okay, thank you.