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    I did this map for a contest hosted over on Myth Weavers. I really like the way it turned out (though I think the cliffs need some tweaking to make it more obvious that they are, in fact, cliffs). Thought I'd post it up here to share. I have no idea if it's appropriate for the Community Atlas, but if it is you're welcome to include it!
      The Free City of Courvile (PFForum).JPG
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2020
    Just beautiful
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2020
    Posted By: Maidhc O CasainI have no idea if it's appropriate for the Community Atlas, but if it is you're welcome to include it!
    If someone finds an appropriate location, I'll be happy to include it, but admittedly, it is very difficult to find a good location for an existing overland map, since it should match up with the features on the parent map.

    It is a very nice map though.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2020
    Lovely map! :)
    That's what I figured, Remy. No worries if there's not a place for it, though - I just knew you're looking for maps - it's here if you find a place for it. The river is pretty big, so I could easily change the name of it (and the estuary and slough) to fit something existing if needed.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2020
    I'll look hard for you.
    Thank you, Quentin! I can probably rotate it as well if that helps!
    • CommentAuthorLorelei
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2020
    Really nice map!
    Thank you, Sue and Lorelei.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2020
    I have been looking at the Atlas for sites for your city. Basically, and coastal city on a river with a bit of a bay will do. Some will need rotation (of map or compass), and most require name change of city +/- river. No city on a coastal delta is on the list
    1. ---
    2. *Samayn in the Vyrn region on Berenur
    3. *Unaren in the Sefyrian city States
    4. Iselreth in Sophos region on Kentoria
    5. Niofftorp (no rotation needed), and Erin-Giarc on isle of Llum in Sophos region on Kentoria.
    6. *Baghdun, *Caldach, and an *unnamed city west of Morscala in Galahais region of Doriant.
    7. **Pola Fauto (no rotation) and *Vera Polis in Mercia region of Doriant
    8. *Deepwater, *Lightsong and *Ships Haven in Southern Ethra region in Doriant
    9. *Mek'l al Sadar and *Zika al Dumar in Qaras region on Doriant.
    10. *Minab (no rotation) and *Gulabi in Dungroth region on Doriant
    11. *Vers Saraas, *Haasinen, *Shylsthaes and *Sar in NW Doriant region on Doriant
    12. Guencora in Ruma Helrevy region on Peredur
    13. Duinnen and Ionait in Fionnuala region on Peredur
    14. Moel Glynneath, Dinas Llwyny, Porth Emlyn, Averavoncwm, Caer Gorseinon, Cas Caerdaevcei in Blaevonwy City States on Peredur
    15. **Perieon in the Perieon region on Artemisia (no rotation)
    16. Tim'rae in Veriness Arl region on Artemisia
    17. Mikrouthion, Eupeithes (no rotation needed), Lycosne (no rotation needed) and Hekatenes (no rotation needed) in Leonder region on Artemisia
    18. Cheshbegna, Othosha, Keromet, Moonaphet and Nugnish in Magamul Empire region on Artemisia
    19. *Mari Sgeus and *Jelo Galamb in Tartessos region in Kumarikandam
    20. Fisher in Fisher island in Forlorn Archipelago
    21. Hodge Valley (no rotation needed) in Justice on Forlorn Archipelago
    Those with an asterix have no history of the region that is relevant to the city referred to. Those with a double asterix have no history, nor need rotation

    The ones that have no required background history are therefore: Pola Fauto and Pereion (latter needs names in ancient Greek style, and is ruled by a hereditary Archduke and advisory Council).

    Hope this helps. I might do a list of all settlements not yet done or reserved so people can easily access it; listed by village, town or city, coastal on river, coastal wthout river, and non-coastal with and without river. Then perhaps Monsen could keep this list for suggesting sites for mappers towns.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2020
    Haven't looked at the entire list, but Pola Faruto in Mercia do look like a very nice location. The parent map is zoomed far enough out that the added bay details are perfectly plausible.
    Pola Faruto it is then! I'll make the necessary changes and post it up. Thanks, guys.
    • CommentAuthorShessar
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2020
    This is a beautiful map and will be a great addition to the atlas. Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks Shessar. I'm really psyched to have something to contribute!
    @Monsen If I'm reading it right, you just need the .fcw file and you do the render etc. I'm attaching it here; please let me know if you need anything else from me! I couldn't see where the river on which Polo Faruto resides is named, so I left it as the Salainn. You'll let me know if I need to change that, yes?
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2020
    I had a look at the .fcw now, and as the map stands now I unfortunately won't be able to use it in the atlas, as it seems to consist mainly of non-standard resources, the map is basically just red x'es for me, except for the central city. Since atlas maps are supposed to be opened by anyone, they can only use standard resources (ProFantasy products and the four approved community art packs). As it stands right no, nobody but you can really open this map.

    Here is a list of the problematic resources:
    @Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\MoC Style\Forest Deciduous_HI.PNG
    @Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\MoC Style\Land_HI.PNG
    @Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\MoC Style\Marsh_HI.PNG
    @Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\MoC Style\Mountains Brown_HI.PNG
    @Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\MoC Style\Water Shallow_HI.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Borders\Battle Site_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Cartouches\MoC Cartouche_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Cartouches\Scalebar_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Coast\Anchorage Port_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Coast\Anchorage Starboard_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Natural\Cliff NS_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Structures\City_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Structures\Dwarven Castle_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Structures\Elven City_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Structures\Elven Tower_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Structures\Tower_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Cactus_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Copse 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Copse 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Copse 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree 04_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree 05_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree Bare 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree Bare 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree Bare 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Deciduous Tree Bare 04_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Grassland 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Grassland 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Jungle Tree 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Jungle Tree 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Jungle Tree 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Palm Tree 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Palm Tree 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Palm Tree 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Copse 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Copse 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Copse 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 03_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 04_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 05_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Pine Tree 06_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Scrub 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Scrub 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Swamp Copse_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Swamp Tree 01_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Swamp Tree 02_VH.PNG
    @Symbols\Maps\MoC Style\Vegetation\Swamp Tree 03_VH.PNG
    C:\ProgramData\MCPrograms\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\Tiles\Overland\Annual Havenland\Farmland_VH.PNG
    C:\ProgramData\MCPrograms\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Bitmaps\Tiles\Parchments\CA128 Parchment B Light_VH.PNG
    Oh, no! Yes, all of those are standard resources just replicated to different folders - I was trying to set up the particular look of this and of my Sihjul map as a style. Sadly, there's no way I'll remember which particular other styles I drew all of these from - I'm not a particularly good note taker.

    I'm sorry for all the trouble y'all went through finding a place for the map :(.
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2020
    You really shouldn't move the image files around, that's just causing trouble for yourself in the future, for example when you open the map on a new computer. You don't have to copy the images to make your own custom symbol catalogs, it is better to let your own custom catalogs point to the images in their original location. Same goes for the fill styles referenced from the template. That way you can build your own style/toolset, but the map will still work on other computers out of the box (assuming the same add-ons are installed obviously, but no tweaking beyond that)
    Thanks, Remy. I did eventually read that, but only after I'd already copied the files into my own folders and set everything up :(.

    I did know enough not to actually move them - I just copied them - so that's a plus. I'll eventually go back and recreate the style, but this time just use the fills/drawtools/symbols from their original places. You live and learn!
    I'm working on an updated map of this area, this time in a recognized map style with no modifications. Will keep y'all posted.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2020
    Wow, that's great.
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2020
    That would be very kind of you :)