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    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2020 edited
    Here is the beginnings of a Watabou city - a large one with 3374 buildings. The whole thing took ~ 1 hour. I have only done the importing of the dxf, and conversion to CC3+. The slowest bit is the square towers.
    I have also added the 3D picture of the city, as generated by the Watabou City Viewer. and added it to the map. Well worth exploring.
      Castat Port.png
      Castat Port MFCG.png
      Castat Port (Italian).png
    Very well worth exploring! A little off topic, but I also love watabou's compass rose generator! I have a rose that I pretty much always use as it was painstakingly hand drawn for me by a close friend, and the just as painstakingly rendered into electronic format, but it's a little too fancy (and colorful) for some maps.