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    Hello friends!
    I've been away for a WHILE now, and I come back to see that I just NEED the World of Wonder annual (awesome job on that guys), and I was wondering if their were any active vouchers I could use at the moment. I never got 2018, but I own CC3+ and the 2017 annual. Anything?
    ohhhh shoot I just saw a voucher in my inbox that expired FOUR DAYS AGO... this is what happens when school starts - anyway to get it back if I give proof or something like that? because that would be SUPER APPRECIATED. I don't mean to put you guys in a bad position but I JUST saw the email - 4 days too late
    *waiting expectantly*
    • CommentAuthorLoopysue
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2020
    I think you might need to contact Profantasy directly to discuss this with them. Check out the "Contact us" page and perhaps try the 'General questions about ProFantasy and its products' or 'General Manager' link? (though obviously not both ;) )

    Contact Us page.