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    Hi all.

    I've had CC3+ along with DD3 and CD3 for quite some time, but I've never been able to really grok the program well enough to use it. I know that this is purely a lack of practice - I have just found it hard to find the time to devote to really learning the software.

    I'm coming to the end of a long-time campaign that was using a published adventure path; after this I'm planning to take my group into a new campaign that is more custom designed. For this I'm going to need to start making a lot more battlemaps (we use a VTT set up for face-to-face gaming).

    I'm looking for resources that will help me get up to speed using CC3+ specifically for the creation of tactical battlemaps. I have tried to work my way through the tutorials that start with overland mapping, but I don't have any call to speak of for overland mapping, and I always do better when I learn by tackling actual problems that I need to solve rather than exercises that are less directly beneficial.

    I've seen a couple of videos out there that give some direction for what I'm trying to do; are there any suggestions on where to start? I'm also thinking I should probably try to recreate some existing maps before digging into truly making maps "from scratch."

    My group is very forgiving, so it isn't like I have to get super pretty "publish quality" maps - honestly simple black and white scale drawings would work fine. Obviously, the long term goal would be to get better at making things pretty, but I really need to get up to speed on making functional battlemaps ASAP - we're probably only a month or two away from finishing the current campaign. Any help finding resources to get me on the correct path would be very appreciated.
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2020 edited
    Hi :)

    Here is a list of Joe Sweeney tutorials that may help.

    This is the main page

    And here are the tutorials that focus on using DD3

    Tutorial 1a
    Tutorial 1b
    Tutorial 1c
    Tutorial 2a
    Tutorial 2b
    Tutorial 3 part A
    Tutorial 3 part B
    Tutorial 3 part C
    Tutorial 3 part D

    Even though these are about 10 years old now they will give you the basics really quickly at a nice even pace in a logical order, and you will find it a lot easier to work out the rest by building on this foundation.