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    I thought I had this figured out, but I guess I was way off because it didn't happen. I am wanting to take a map I made using CC2 Pro and the Harnica Mappa style and convert it over to CC3+ and use the new Local style I am building based on the Harnica Mappa style. I went opened the amp in question into CC3+ and then went into File and used the CC2 to CC3 Conversion and selected overland CC2 Pro style and click OK. It did its thing in that the screen went blank for a second and redrew the image with same of the colors gone. I figured that would happen. I then went to File and Drawing Properties and selected the new style I am working on. So I figured I would be set after saving the file with a new name. However, when I went to start adding my new fills I have already made they are just outlines and hollow. What am I doing wrong?
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2020
    Fills aren't imported into the map just by choosing the drawtools style. You'll first have to import the fills from that style into your map before you can use the corresponding drawing tools.

    The easiest way to import fills is to just use Draw -> Insert file and pick a map that already contains those fill styles. Once the map is at the cursor ready to place, simply hit Esc to avoid actually placing it, the imported fill styles will remain.
    Thanks Monsen. I knew it was something simple, just forgot how.